Red Envelope Review

I love shopping for someone until I find the perfect gift for them. I am always on the look out and it’s common to find a Christmas gift as early as January. Overall, Rob is a really easy guy to shop for. This past Christmas was a little difficult though. Not being around the months leading up to Christmas I couldn’t jot down things he said he wanted in passing.

Since I like to always have one “wow” gift, it was perfect that I was introduced to Red Envelope while attending a conference in Chicago. Truthfully, I had never heard of Red Envelope prior to the event (sorry guys!). It was a fantastic event and I really enjoyed learning about the company and meeting some of the behind the scene faces.

Red Envelope is all about the gift of giving. They pride themselves in searching out unique and often exclusive products that create a special moment when opened. You can find unique gifts, exceptional quality at affordable prices for just about anyone and any occasion. With the option of gift monogramming and personalization, you can give someone a gift they will never forget and never want to re-gift!

Having trouble figuring finding that perfect gift? You can live chat or call to get knowledgeable gift advice. Don’t forget to follow Red Envelope along on Facebook  and  Twitter for the latest updates and sales.

Red Envelope was gracious enough to let the attendees pick a gift of our choice for someone special.  I laid my eyes on a leather excursion messenger bag and knew I wanted to surprise Rob with it on Christmas. A majority of commuters in NOVA take public transportation to work via buses or the metro. Sometimes that means packed, standing room only commutes. While browsing the Red Envelope site I saw this leather messenger bag and new it would be the perfect replacement to Rob’s ratty orange backpack.

Rob loves the optional and easily removable shoulder strap to fit his needs. The front pockets need two hands to open but that is a plus for a commuter to keep valuables safe. He also loved the personalization on the bag which just gives it an extra little class. There is plenty of room for his lunch and the inside pockets help him organize his other travel necessities.

Soooo much better than a ratty orange backpack, right?!?

I couldn’t help but browse earlier today to see if anything caught my eye. I wasn’t surprised when I found a few perfect gifts from some special occasions coming up.

And don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I am having trouble deciding which one is my favorite. Ya know, if I was to get myself a gift 🙂

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