Boo Boo #1

I knew this day would come, but I didn’t know it would be quite this soon…

We were very careful when baby proofing our home and ended up purchasing 3 gates, a playard and tension gate to move around the house as needed. All of the stairs where Parker roams free are protected, except one space. We tried a few different gates and none of them worked, so we decided to use the tension gate when P was roaming free on the second floor, which is rare.

Last Monday, Rob had off so we were putzing around the house getting some chores done. I had gone down stairs to put a few things away and was talking to Rob (I at the bottom and Rob at the top). Parker was at the gate in front of Rob. It happened in slow motion yet so quick I can’t remember all the details. The next thing I know my arms are out catching Parker midair as he slide down the stairs on the gate. I sat and held him as he sobbed, mostly because my scream scared him… After a few minutes he tried to crawl and I noticed he was slipping. We were in the ER about 30 minutes later having him checked out.

The nurses and doctors at our ER are amazing and were so sweet to P. He was very quiet at first but towards the end was acting a little more like himself. He had also bumped his head so they wanted us to hang around until it was about 2 hours after the incident. I thought for sure SS was gonna come barging through the door and call me a horrible parent… Of course it never happened, because I’m not, but Rob and I were still thinking it. We left there with a fractured wrist wrapped in a splint and bandage with instructions so see an orthopedic doctor in 48 hours.  I snapped this picture on the way home. Don’t worry, he is crying because I wasn’t giving him a french fry fast enough, not because of his wrist.

The next few days went as well as expected. We gave him Infant Advil at nap time and bedtime to help with the pain. Losing his dominate hand hasn’t really phased him much. We did struggle with him quietly taking the bandage off in the crib and then saying “uh oh” into the monitor holding up his hand.

We ended up seeing the orthopedic doctor Rob goes to. He took the time to look at his x-ray online Tuesday and give us the okay to wait until Friday for an appointment. Neither Rob nor I have ever broken a bone, so this was a whole new experience for us. The doctor took another look at the x-ray and decided a cast would be the best bet for the next 3-4 weeks. Since toddler arms and hands are so small, he wanted to do a full arm cast to prevent it from sliding off.

Parker was such a trooper and sat patiently while the doctor wrapped the cast. The whole process took about 20 minutes. The doctor put a sleeve on his arm and then wrapped what looked like ace bandages around his arm over and over again. They were wet and once his arm was wrapped the doctor molded it for about 5 minutes which is all the time it took to harden.

We noticed on the monitor that Parker kept hitting his head with his cast at night. Rob took an old sock and cut the bottom off. Since I am always about balance, we put a baby leg on the other arm to keep it warm and upped the heat in his room. We tried using his sleepers but they aren’t big enough.

IKEA KLADD PRICKAR Bibs  |  Sock  |  Hair Ties  |  The Boo Boo Book 

Rob and I have been learning as we go and have found a few things that have helped quite a bit. The full sleeve IKEA bibs are perfect for keeping food away from Parker’s cast. We pull it down over his fingers to keep him from wanting to use it. The hair ties help keep plastic bags over his cast during bath time. I prefer those over rubber bands. Cutting one of Rob’s socks was a really good idea to keep P from hitting his head at night. One of my closest friends sent P a care package of puzzles and this adorable book, The Boo Boo Book. It is perfect for any little one with a boo boo and covers scraps, broken bones, stickers, food allergies and more. It’s a very informative yet interactive book that presents everything through vivid photos without being scary or gross.

Lesson learned here, ALWAYS read the packaging carefully and use all of your baby products correctly. I am always cautious and embarrassed to share how careless we were. My hope is that it may help another family down the line. I know his injuries were minor, we were lucky. While I felt like the worst mom ever, I know that accidents will happen and this won’t be the last time Parker visits the ER. Unless…. I find a large bubble to keep him in until he is 21… Or maybe 25… Heck, lets just make it 50. 😉

Oh and BTW, we found another gate and installed it at the top of gate… Parker figured out how to open it in less than 30 seconds… So now this is what we have to do.

So for all of you experts, what else helps with boo boos?


  1. Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife February 26, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Poor Parker! I hope it’s a quick and easy recovery for him.

    I know that feeling of waiting for social services to come storming in and calling you a bad parent. Sophia slipped while carrying a bowling ball and landed on it a few weeks ago, splitting her chin wide open. We had to take her to the ER for seven stitches. It was the worst feeling in the world…I still feel bad about it but the very next day she was trying to jump down the stairs so clearly it took a larger toll on me than her.

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