Parker is 20 Months

1. First train ride on the Auto Train. He did so well eating, sleeping and playing on the train. He also made friends with just about every single person on the train, especially the 24 hour ride on the way home.
2. First trip to Florida.
3. Met Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.
4. Took multiple naps in his stroller.
5. Started blowing his nose and throwing away the tissue.
6. Auntie Sarah’s new nickname is Ah Ah with his tongue sticking out!
7. Soooo many new words including; tika (tickle), stuck, all of the cats (Abby, Augie, Ali and Blip Blop), snow, snack and high-five.
8. Will count from 4-10 after we say 1-2-3, usually when I am trying to pick a booger out of his nose. 
9. Can now articulate between Mommy, Daddy and Parker.
10. Knows what Mommies phone and iPad look like and what Daddy’s looks like. He always brings them to us, even if we don’t ask for them and says, “oh, oh” the whole time.
11. Is getting better and better each day singing the alphabet although you may not know that is what he is doing if he hasn’t heard it yet.
12. Can climb into his stroller on his own.
13. Runs around the house saying, “come catch me”!
14. Loves eating nanas for breakfast.
15. Lets us know he hungry by pulling out his highchair and saying, “eat eat”.
16. Got a new book and a few awesome t-shirts.
17. First car wash.
18. First fall down the stairs which lead to…
19. … his second ER trip which lead to…
20. … his first cast which…

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