12 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a plum!
12 weeks 3 days ~ 3rd month ~ 1st trimester

Weight gain: I have been up and down during the first trimester but ended up zeroing out. I got my BFP at 202 so I know the doctors don’t want me to gain too much and will be keeping a close eye on me. I have to take my glucose test at 16 and 28 weeks this time. 

Maternity clothes: You bet, since about 6 weeks. I am wearing a lot of clothes from consignment sales and swap groups online. I just scored a ton of dresses for the summer I am very excited about!

Sleep: I seem to be like clock work. 4 am pee almost every night. Usually I can get back to sleep but a few nights I couldn’t and decided to get up and be a little more productive. 

Miss anything: A nice and juicy medium rare steak!

Movement: Nothing yet although I think the butterflies are right around the corner.

Cravings: French fries. Oh, and the double chocolate donut I had for breakfast.

Best moment this week: Announcing to every on St. Patrick’s Day! We also had our NT scan today so we got to see the little munchkin and hear the heartbeat (167). 

Worst moment this week: Getting ready for Rob to leave on deployment :/

Looking forward to: My parents coming this weekend and helping with a few last minute projects before Rob leaves. Also getting my craft room done! I can’t wait to share pictures of that 🙂

We are so excited about baby #2! Parker and Munchkin will be about 2 years and 3ish month apart which is a pretty good number to me. I forgot how much I miss being pregnant. I usually luck out with no morning sickness or severe food aversions so the first trimester runs pretty smooth. I have to really watch the third trimester this time to make sure my swelling is under control. 

I am really looking forward to documenting this pregnancy! I have so many post ideas I want to cover and just hope I have enough time and energy to keep up with them. 

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