Nuby No-Spill™ Insulated Flip-it™ Review

One thing that multiple mothers told me before I had Parker was to buy a few different kinds of sippy cups. Each one is a little different and kids can be picky. We started out testing a few but soon found Nuby to be our favorite. We have found the perfect cup for each stage of Parker’s progression so far.

Nuby No Spill Cup | Nuby Easy Gripper | Nuby Tip Hard Straw Cup | Nuby No-Spill Cup with Flexi Straw

Lately, Parker wakes up around 6:30-7 so I get him some milk and we putz around upstairs till breakfast around 8. This allows me to get ready, put away clothes, clean the bathrooms etc… Parker usually spends that time multitasking between undoing everything I pick up, sipping on his milk and playing with some of his actual toys 🙂 The Nuby No-Spill™ Insulated Flip-it™ was perfect for the morning keeping his milk cool and IN his cup instead of spilled on the floor!

I was pretty impressed with how many features this little cup can pack. It works perfectly for our morning routine but also on the go and long car trips.

– two-in-one design keeps liquid fresh, cool and prevents “sweating” on the furniture

– soft sipper straw is gentle on your little ones tender gums

– the easy-to-use flip top cap keeps the straw sanitary and clean

– liquid only moves through the straw when your little one sips on it, preventing unwanted spills

– designed to dispense a variety of liquids

– holds 9oz of liquid

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