17 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a onion!

Weight gain: 3 pounds

Sleep: I definitely sleep better when I am on my left side, it just gets sore quick and I end up propped up in a sitting position. It won’t be so bad when I can finally kick this cold.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my stomach and not worrying about overdoing it. With Rob gone there is just to much that needs to get done and at the end of the day I always wonder if I did too much. For right now I think it’s okay, I will just have to be more careful later on. Luckily, Rob will be back to help with that! I also wish I had the energy to stay up till midnight. With Parker going to bed at 7pm, I use to get so much done in those 5 hours. Now I just feel behind all the time with no way to catch up.

Movement: Still nada… I know I will regret it once Munchkin starts kicking the crap out of me but I would love to feel some wiggling right about now!

Cravings: Nothing really. This pregnancy has been kinda boring I guess. I did get a steak to cook for dinner tonight and I am really looking forward to that!

Best moment this week: Spending time at home with my parents and sister. It’s always nice to have a little extra help and not have to get up every single time a drink refill or diaper change is needed. I also got to go to my favorite ice cream place a few times 

Meeting with our potential doula and birth photographer. I couldn’t believe it when I found someone who was trained in all of the services we were looking for during the birth. She was exactly what I was hoping for and will be a real asset in the delivery room for Rob and myself. 

Worst moment this week: My glucose test went fine. The fruit punch wasn’t nearly as bad as the orange. I already found out it came back negative so I just have to wait until 28 weeks to do it again. I did find out that I tested positive for an autoimmune disorder. Based on that result, the doctor wanted further testing for Lupus and some other disorders done. I heard back yesterday and one of them came back positive. He said it was the least worrisome of the bunch so I will just need to start seeing a specialist at 32 weeks. I thought I understood everything when I got off the phone but have already confused myself so I am going to go into my 20 weeks appointment with a list of questions.

Looking forward to: My parents are coming on Thursday night so I can work at a vendor event for Thirty-One this weekend. I am really looking forward to talking about Thirty-One and getting to know some new customers. We are also going to set up the dinning room table if we have time!


  1. MommaM April 25, 2014 at 12:47 am

    You look fantastic!! 😀

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