Hello 2nd Trimester

Munchkin is the size of a lemon!
14 weeks 3 days ~ 4th month ~ 2nd trimester

Weight gain: About 1 lb

Sleep: Pretty good. I have a mountain of pillows that has been helping along with my Snoogle. 

Miss anything: The energy to work in my craft room at night. I feel so behind with my blogging and crafting. Now a days I head to bed right after I put Parker down. I am hoping to get my second wind now that I have hit the second trimester. 

Movement: Nothing yet, just anxiously awaiting!

Cravings: Fruit. I think I am craving more of the healthy sugars since my eating habits weren’t great the first trimester. Strawberries and peaches from the can have been the go to. 

Best moment this week: Visiting the chiropractor for the first time. He noticed that my right leg was shorter than my right indicating that I have a tilted pelvis. I am hoping that with visits we can correct it to help my chances of a VBAC. 

Worst moment this week: Dealing with sooooo many people who don’t feel the need to do their job. Iv’e spent more time following up with people the dealing with the things I need to. Gggrrrrr.

Looking forward to: Moving right along with this pregnancy and focusing on exercise and eating better. The first trimester was rough so my goal was just to get through. I really want to focus on meal planning so P and I can eat healthier. I am also jumping into my spring cleaning this month and am excited for a lemon scented home!

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  1. Elaia April 9, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Whatta cute baby bump! =)

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