Moving Right Along: 15 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a orange!

Weight gain: About 2 pounds give or take the day.

Sleep:  I can’t seem to get comfortable this time around. It’s waaaayyyyy to early for this too! I find myself pushing pillows away in my sleep and ending up on my back :/ I try to sleep propped up or on my left side with my Boppy.

Miss anything: Rob. This certainly isn’t our first deployment but I am finding I miss him a lot on the weekends and evenings. Silly things like running errands or tag teaming the chores, dinner and P. I think it is also harder than August because Parker is walking, talking and doing all of these big boy things. He talks about Daddy all the time and I really think he is actually missing his presence this time. He always thinks I am talking to Rob when I am on the phone or looking at my iPad.

Movement: Still nothing… Getting very anxious though!

Cravings: Raisin Bran, Starbursts and Watermelon

Best moment this week: Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in DC with some of my favorite mommies. It was a long day and rough traffic driving home but well worth it!

Worst moment this week: Overall just not being able to get everything on my to-do list accomplished. I have even been more realistic with how many things I put on it. It’s not helping that I find myself completely burnt out at 7 pm and usually hop right into bed. I need to focus on my body, but it still sucks I can’t get everything done and am always feeling behind.

Looking forward to: Finishing the final touches on my craft room. It’s been a work in progress for about 2 months and I will be so happy when all of the final little things are complete!

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