My 22 Month Old Toddler

It’s hard to believe that Parker is only 2 months away from being a 2 year old! No more worrying about how many months he is, just an energetic toddler. 🙂 Every stage has it’s perks but I am really liking this age right now. Parker is so interactive and while that takes a lot more energy on my part, I gladly welcome it.

He has started to interact with the TV and shows like Mickey Mouse Club House and Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is so cute to watch him repeat things he hears and dance along when there is music. I usually put it on in the morning while we cuddle in bed and drink milk.

He has also started repeating almost everything he hears whether it’s words or sounds. I can’t help but laugh when someone does something and he repeats them. Their shocked faces are priceless, especially if they don’t have kids and aren’t expecting it. Of course that means I have to be very careful. I have already slipped up once but luckily, he doesn’t hear it again for awhile he forgets it.

Parker is obsessed with buttons now. Ever since we got our new van and he can reach the button to close the sliding door. He loves hitting the buttons on the key fob, remote controls, computer and even my belly button. I have to be extra careful that he doesn’t close something when I am not looking now.

Parker has also learned how to turn door knobs. In order to maintain sanity, I had to get the door knob covers for the pantry and closest upstairs. The bathroom and bedrooms I just turn the lock with my fingernail. It isn’t ideal but it works and keeps him out of everything when I am trying to get clothes put away etc…

He still has no idea but will now point to my belly when I ask him where the baby is. He is so good with babies and this past weekend interacted with his second cousin Grace. He saw her pacifier on the table and brought it all the way to her and stuck it in her mouth. He doesn’t seem to get upset or anxious when I am holding another baby, he will just walk by and say, “hi mommy… hi baby…” I can only hope this keeps up when our munchkin arrives. I have a feeling he is going to want to be a helper which only means I have to find age appropriate things for him to help me with.

Once of the luckiest parts about being Parker’s mommy is his love for sleep. Once we got into a routine after his first birthday, naptimes and bedtime have really been a cinch. He will often tell me he is ready by heading to the stairs and staying, “ni night”. I think this is partly because he can only have his pacificer and blanket in bed. He also really loves his crib and I think he enjoys the quite time. He hasn’t made a single motion to try and climb out either! If he wakes up and is not upset, I will let him just play and chat with himself. Sometimes he will do this for an hour+. He started balling up his blanket to put under his head so we took that as a sign he was ready for a pillow. Now he keeps trying to put his A&A blanket on so I am thinking the next step is an actual blanket. Once Rob gets home from this deployment we are going to start on his big boy room and move him over sometime in June. That will give us about three months to fully transition him to a new room and toddler bed while getting the nursery done.

He loves eating burritos which has been my biggest craving during this pregnancy so far. It helps to know we are eating something a little healthier than fast food but it’s a quick option when I am exhausted. He has also taken a liking to drinking his morning milk in mommy’s bed while watching the Disney channel. I sneak in as many cuddles as I can during this time and P will often ask me to sit with him, by saying mop (mommy up) if I am doing something.

He wasn’t really able to use these chop sticks but was intrigued with mine so I let him play around with them. I send this picture to Rob and said it looks like P will learn how to use them before Daddy will.

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