Lovable Labels: KID Bands! {Review}

While preparing for Disney the thought of having a toddler in tow made me a little anxious. With so many people around and the constant distractions that could happen I really wanted to have a few products and procedures in place. I know, typical Mom worrying about everything… I just knew I would be able to enjoy myself a little more if I prepared. I mentioned the Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness and taking a photo of Parker each day in my Disney With A Toddler Post
In addition, I really wanted something that Parker could wear each day that would have his name and our contact information. Since I am a Love Bug Ambassador for Lovable Labels, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to partner together and review their KID Bands!

KID Bands! are perfect when out in large crowds like the pool, zoo or an amusement park. They are single-use, adjustable, water resistant, and tear proof. I keep our pack in the diaper bag so that they are always handy when I feel like he should be wearing one.

A set of KID Bands! comes in a pack of 34 and you can choose from 10 different designs for $19.95. Lovable Labels can even work with a school or daycare to customize the bands with your school color or logo.

Allergy Alert Labels provide a clear warning to others about your child’s allergy or allergies. They are perfect for kids’ lunch boxes, drink bottles, containers, etc. Allergy Alert labels can even be temporarily used on backpacks or clothing when your kids go on field trips, to a friend’s party or when travelling anywhere they may be at risk.
Medical Wristbands are great for children with medical conditions like allergies, asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. Unlike medical bracelets that have only enough room for approximately 30 characters, there is enough space on our card inserts to list your child’s medical condition, any medications they are taking, two emergency contacts, and other information specific to them. This information is accessible immediately when an emergency arises. The outside of our Medical Wristband features the internationally recognized Medical Emblem and the phrase “Vital ID Inside” so that if an emergency arises, medical personnel will know to look there for important information.