18 Weeks With Munchkin

Munchkin is the size of a sweet potato!

Weight gain: About 4 pounds although is varies day by day.

Sleep: The left side is certainly the most comfortable position but it’s impossible for me to stay in that position the entire night and not wake up really sore. Getting up a few times a night to pee is common. Every once in awhile I get startled by a noise and wake up but once Rob gets back that won’t happen as much 🙂

Miss anything: Rob, Rob and Rob. He will be home in a little less than 2 weeks and it couldn’t come any sooner. Even though this trip was a lot shorter than the others, it has been the hardest. Last time I was pregnant I could still eat what/when I wanted and sleep when I wanted. When he was gone last year I wasn’t pregnant yet so I could push through and wasn’t nearly as tired. I feel like he was hardly back and then gone again. It will be so nice to have our family whole for an extended period of time. Especially since it means we are growing by two little feet.

Movement: Still nothing… I feel pressure every once in awhile so I am wondering if that is the baby and I am just not feeling things the same as before. 

Cravings: Diet Coke and a sub. Since I have switched to nitrate free hot dogs I don’t crave those like last time. The only salty thing that sounds good is french fries and the only sweet thing that sounds good are milkshakes. Good thing those taste supper yummy together!

Best moment this week: Having my parents come visit. They were such a great help this weekend with Parker. My Mom came with me on Saturday to my vendor event which was a complete bust. We decided to cut my loses and left early. That made time to set up the dinning room table which was on my to-do list anyway! My Dad also helped me plant a ton of veggies in my earth boxes. We are growing onion, sweet potato, 2 kinds of lettuce, 2 kinds of tomato, 3 kinds of peppers, squash, yellow zucchini, cucumber, and beans. I am really looking forward to picking time!

Worst moment this week: Nothing really. Since my parents came Thursday night, time seemed to fly by and with the extra help over the weekend I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. I did wake up Sunday morning at 2:30 am and couldn’t stop thinking about the “what ifs” so I decided to get up and be productive. Needless to say, both Parker and Mommy were in bed early that night.

Looking forward to: This weekend will be spent celebrating birthdays and sprinkles 🙂 Then I have another short week and it’s back to NJ for the townships huge Spring yard sale. My Mom and I have been collecting items for almost a year now and can’t wait to get rid of everything. I will be doing my final walk through of the house this week and continue to discard things we really just don’t need. 

Just for fun I thought I would do a side by side comparison of me with Parker at 18 weeks and now. My butt and boobs are certainly bigger but I think my bump has slowed down a little.

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