20 Weeks Down

Munchkin is the size of a banana!

Weight gain: 5 pounds

Sleep: Pretty decent. It’s been extremely hot the last few days so that has been a challenge but I am finally figuring out how to get comfortable with this pregnancy. I have been waking up around 4:30 AM which I don’t mind. It’s so peaceful with the windows open listening to the birds while everything else is so quiet.

Miss anything: Not at the moment!

Movement:  FINALLY!!! But soooooo low down and almost muffled? I am wondering if I have an anterior placenta which is why it took so long to feel movement. Right now I feel a pinch every so often very low, just above my scar. I’ll take it though!!! I am anxious for our US tomorrow to actually see where munchkin is at.

Cravings: Soft pretzels and Edy’s Fruit Bars have been an almost daily essential for me.

Best moment this week: Rob walking into the bedroom this morning and Parker starting to cry. He was so overcome he didn’t know how to react. He is very protective of Daddy and won’t even let me hug or kiss him. It’s kind of funny actually and insists he sit between us. It feels so good to have my family whole again and my husband back home safe and sound.

Worst moment this week: I wouldn’t call it the “worst” moment but the hardest moment this week was Mother’s Day. I thought going to breakfast would be fun and while the food was yummy and Parker was well behaved, it was hard to see so many complete families. I know that there are hundreds of single moms out there and I am certainly not complaining about my situation. Iv’e managed to do a lot of things while Rob was gone so I was just a little surprised this affected me so much.

Looking forward to: Our U/S tomorrow and appointment with an OB (instead of a midwife). We will get to see munchkin and have the gender written down to open this weekend. I have a list of questions for the doctor about my positive ANA (anti-neclear antibodies) result. Since I will have the doctors attention, I also wanted to learn more about their general practices with a RCS just in case one is needed. I am still pushing for a VBAC though!


  1. MommaM May 14, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Awwww!!! You had me tearing up. I’m so glad Rob is home safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear about munchkin!!!! 😀

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