Our Gender Reveal

When Rob and I decided we were going to find out the gender this go around I wanted the reveal to be special. Not only when we tell everyone else, but when we find out. I knew I didn’t want to find out at the ultra sound so I started looking around Pinterest for some ideas.

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This was by far my favorite one and what we had decided on.

We already had an Ocean City mini vacation planned the weekend after our ultrasound with my parents so I was going to show my sister the gender (without looking myself) and have her fill a box of balloons to open on the beach.
We went in for the ultra sound on Thursday and had the tech write the gender on a piece of paper. She did a wonderful job of not giving it away and I even had to ask at the end if she knew. Rob really wanted to find out as soon as we got to the car but I held my ground. If this was possibly going to be our last, I wanted it to be special. 
That night, as I sat in our rocker, while Rob got Parker ready for bed I realized that life doesn’t get anymore special than that moment. Rob safely home from a deployment (not even 48 hours), relaxing, and spending time as a family of three. I realized that I didn’t need a photo of the moment to remember it by. As Rob put Parker in the crib I said, “go get the paper”. His face lit up and he hurried downstairs to get it. 
As I laid the folded piece of paper on my belly I realized I was nervous. I honestly didn’t care either way, a healthy baby was more than enough for me. I slowly opened it as Rob knelled beside me and Parker watched from his crib completely oblivious to what was going on.
That weekend we set out during Parker’s nap time to create a short video to share the news with our friends and family. Since we were at the beach, I wanted to do something with the waves and sand. This is the final product and our gender reveal!

In case you were wondering, it was pretty easy to do. I wrote the gender in the sand and then waited for a wave to wash it away. Then I wrote, “It’s a…” and waited for another wave. Rob had the camera set on continuous shot which is about 6 frames per second. Once they were loaded onto the computer we arranged them in a folder by date/time taken with the newest/last shots first. About 176 images were then uploaded into Windows Movie Maker. Then we played around with a few of the shots, slowed the time between each frame and added a sound bite of the waves for a final touch.

I am very pleased with how everything turned out and if you follow me on Pinterest, you have already seen several special boards I have added as we wait for September!