Gift Wrapping Closet Upgrades

It’s amazing how my organizational needs can change so drastically in such a short time. Not that long ago I shared my Gift Wrapping Closet which I was SO proud of at the time. I was working with what I had and it was my first organizational project in our new home. I have learned a lot since then but am still impressed with the way I organized my greeting cards, gift bags, and tissue paper.

I can’t believe that here I am a little over a year later needing to make a few upgrades. Rob is going back to school in July and we needed to create a work space for him to call his own. That meant giving up a huge storage area for me. My wrapping closet still had a lot of potential for storage if we found the best way to organize everything.

Here is what I started off with.

I knew we needed a trip to IKEA and a look around Pinterest to really get the ideas flowing.

Follow Mary’s board Craft room in the making on Pinterest.

Before we left for IKEA I measured the closet and realized that one of the Expedit Bookcases would fit perfectly. I already have a 4×4 with a 2×4 stacked on top in my craft room so another would flow nicely.

Since the Expedit collection was being discontinued, I was hoping we would still be able to get one. While they still had quite a few in black-brown we found one in the scratch n’ dent for 35% off! Even though the rest of the furniture in my craft room is birch, this one will remain in the closet, at least for now, so the savings was worth it. It does look as though IKEA has already released their new collection, KALLAX, which is very similar to the Expedit collection but uses less wood to build.

There is also a fantastic DIY blog, Practial Delights, designed and provided step-by-step instructions to build your own drawers for the IKEA Expedit Bookcases.

While it’s always an added bonus to find something in the scratch n’ dent if you don’t like assembling yourself, it didn’t really help us in this situation. After several attempts, a few curse words and a “minor” disagreement, we realized we would need to take it apart to get it into the closet. I already had my mind made up that this was going in the closet so poor hubs had to oblige since we was deploying leaving me pregnant and stubborn. If he didn’t do it, he knew I would 😉 It may not be the most attractive trait but it sure gets me what I want sometimes!

Once we had it back together filling in the cubes was really easy.

I couldn’t top the way I had organized my greeting cards and tissue paper so those stayed the same. I used the Knuff Magazine Holder to store all of my special holiday paper, labels and holiday address stickers.
The drawers were perfect to store all the little items balloons, ribbon, and package embellishments.

I am a pack rat to say the least. I absolutely refuse to dispose of tins, boxes, bags, and even tissue paper that is still in good condition. I have purged from time to time but I mostly just get better and better at storing them to maximize space. I now have one bin dedicated to tins and the other to boxes.

I always like to have a few gifts on hand for events that slip my mind or when a little gift is needed. Now that I am a Thirty-One consultant, I have collected several of my favorite items during their flash sales. My favorite is the Keep-It Caddy which makes the perfect gift bag for baby showers!
One of the ways I was able to create a lot more storage was to utilize the door. I was inspired by Kelly’s amazing idea over at Steve and Kelly Plus Two, using the elfa® Door Rack System. It was the perfect way to add a lot of storage in an empty space.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and how much additional storage space I was able to create with just a few upgrades. The whole project ended up being $172 which is a little high for a normal upgrade for us but I am very happy with the results. I also like that all of the pieces we invested in can be taken down if we ever move so it won’t be a wasted investment.

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