Parker is 23 Months

This past month has been very busy!

Parker’s vocabulary is growing everyday. He can make a good attempt at repeating almost anything we say although most of it isn’t sticking right now. I would say he consistently uses between 50-75 words and can say several full sentences like, “more milk mommy please”, “sit down mommy” and “bless you mommy”. He says please, thank you, sowie and squeeze me frequently. I can’t believe how much he is talking and really have to be careful I the words I choose to use, it’s only a matter of time. Already some words are a little iffy like fork, fire truck and clock.

He is certainly a creature of habit and loves routine. He closes a baby gate if I haven’t made it over to close myself yet. He also spends his days mimicking what I do in the kitchen with his play kitchen including adding spices to food and washing the dishes. When we are done eating lunch he immediately starts saying, “na night” or after dinner when we are heading upstairs. Although life can be unpredictable sometimes, I try to keep as close to schedule as I can.

This kid is obsessed with cell phones and keys. He can figure out how to play music on mine and once unlocked knows how to get to photos. He really enjoys sitting next to me and watching videos of himself. With keys he is specifically interested in the BUTTONS and pressing them to sound the alarm or open the door. Once morning I went outside to get something from the car and not only was it on but the back hatch and both side doors were open. We are very careful now where we leave our keys 🙂 He loves helping open the doors in the morning and still wants our garage door to open like Bam and Chief’s does (with a key pad).

We started a morning tradition of watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates & Mickey Mouse Club House in the morning cuddled in bed with a sippy of milk. I love that he is cuddling now and gives me a little more time to wake up in the mornings or get ready if we are going out. He calls the TV ho, ho, ho or Mickey house which is freaking adorable and I secretly wish he never grows out of it.

He also loves when I leave the pantry open because he grabs the cats bowls and wet food and starts calling their names to feed them. They are a little hesitant but starting to catch on that being friends may work in their favor.

Parker definitely responded to Rob’s homecoming more this time. He got in at 6:30am so we were still in bed. Parker saw him and after a second started crying and reaching for him. He is all about Daddy now which I don’t mind at all. It’s so cute to see them together and Parker watching his every move.

Rob really wanted to get him a bubble mower to play with when Rob is working on the yard. We put it together on a rainy day and let him use it on the covered front porch. During a break in the rain, Rob took him out onto the driveway. He tried to bring him in when the rain started again but Parker kept going back onto the driveway. The rain didn’t seem to bother him at all!

We have been enjoying the weather and using our backyard as much as possible in the afternoons when it’s shaded. I scored this chair back in August of 2012 at a consignment sale. It’s fun to see him finally be able to use it 🙂

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