PeaPod Plus Travel Tent {Review}

I mentioned in my Disney With A Toddler Packing List post, we were not sure if we would be able to get a pack n’ play for our room in Disney. While we could have managed with Parker on the bed with us, I knew I wouldn’t sleep well being pregnant. We also wanted to have something for our overnight stay on the Amtrak Auto Train. I searched the internet for ideas and came across the Kid Co Pea Pod Plus.

I was already familiar with Kid Co after purchasing their Go Pod at a local consignment sale. We loved it so much it made our 9 month favorite products list. Definitely something I would consider bringing if you have an infant who isn’t walking yet. It’s a great way to keep them entertained when you need two hands and don’t want then crawling on the hotel floor.

I was thrilled when Kid Co agreed to work with me on a review of their Pea Pod Plus. Since it is rated for children ages 1-5, I knew we would be able to get good use out of it for several years. We decided on the Kiwi color and I was so excited to get it in the mail to try it out.

The Pea Pod Plus is a convenient travel bed that allows children to relax in style. The lightweight mesh surrounding keeps out unwanted bugs while allowing adequate air flow. To help facilitate nap time or to keep wind out, effortless zipper planes cover the mesh on all sides. The shell provides UV protection keeping your child’s sensitive skin safe. The Micro-Lite sleeping pad is secured in a separate compartment under the tent to safely provide cushion while easily accessible for cleaning.

The Pea Pod Plus also comes equipped with anchoring straps for those extra winding days.

My absolute favorite feature of the Pea Pod Plus is it’s compact travel size. Small enough to throw over your shoulder or pack away in your luggage.

The Pea Pod Plus can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $95.95.

We didn’t end up needing to use it on the train or in our room however, Parker really liked taking naps inside with all of his friends. Since we were on vacation, I gladly obliged.

And since this is about Disney, I though a behind the scenes shot would be appropriate. This is what life as a blogger usually looks like. Even on vacation I am staging shots for product reviews and posts. 

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