23 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a grapefruit!

Weight gain: 9 pounds

Sleep: Still doing really well now that I have figured out what makes me comfortable. I may need 10 pillows but a good night sleep is definitely worth being called a pillow hog 🙂

Miss anything: Not really anything this week.

Movement: She loves to kick me when I am sitting still. At night right before I fall asleep seems to be her most active time. Feeling most kicks on the low left side.

Cravings: Icecream 

Best moment last week: Attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in DC. We met a ton of companies, many local to DC. You can read my full recap here. We had a babysitter for the night and while that adds up pretty quickly, she was a sweetheart and it was so nice for Rob and I to get out of the house together for awhile.

I have also had a blast starting to shop for baby girl. Since most of the retail stores only have summer clothing out, I have been hitting up my local yard sale group on Facebook and a few swap groups online. Since I mostly purchased consignment and second hand clothing, I have scored a ton of deals! Here is just a sampling so far in addition to what’s in the basket. 

Looking forward to: Hitting 24 weeks. Of course I want baby girl to cook as long as possible but I always get a sigh of relief when we hit that mile marker. 

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