26 Weeks – Good Bye Second Trimester

Munchkin is the size of a lettuce!

Weight gain: Lets go with about 10 pounds. Our scale is very off which is always nice when I have an appointment but not so much in between. Hard to believe baby girl is between 1.5-2 pounds already. She certainly feels long with the different places she is able to kick me at once.

Sleep: Still great considering I am almost in my third trimester already. I certainly I figured out the perfect configuration of pillows which consists of 3 body pillows, a memory foam pillow, feather pillow and contour pillow (for my belly). You can walk into our room for the first time and know exactly which side is mine 🙂 So glad hubby is willing to share!

Miss anything: I am missing some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. While I absolutly love motherhood, it makes it so much harder to stay close to people. Especially when they don’t have kids of their own.

Movement: She loves to move around when I am laying down which usually means she loves being rocked to sleep with movement. I don’t mind that at all since I have been so busy on my feet getting things ready and chasing after a toddler. 

Cravings: I have been so busy this week I haven’t had much time to really crave anything. Since we were in NJ I had my favorite dessert at our local ice cream stand a few times. 

Best moment last week: So many wonderful things are going on right now… 

We celebrated big brothers birthday on Sunday which was 26 weeks exactly! His party is this weekend but we had a small pancake breakfast at my parents house to celebrate. We are spending this week getting ready for his nautical themed party and I am having so much fun!

The yard sale at my parents house was a HUGE success. We made about $350 which will cover the IKEA couch we want to get for Parker’s room, the paint and molding for baby girls room and a few other decorations. I will be sharing some tips on running a successful yard sale since it was such a huge success next week. 

Looking forward to: Having everyone here for Parker’s party. The house is going to be full and even my Grandma is going to come. I love having a full house surrounded by friends and family.