Gender Prediction Tests

I can still remember my heart skipping a beat when I read the positive pregnancy test for Parker and for baby girl. Both were rather unexpected which made the moment very surreal. Rob was actually in the bedroom both times and while he loved being there in that moment, I still wish I could have surprised him.

With Parker, once we found out we were pregnant that was all we would know until he was born. I loved being team green and could have gone that route again but Rob really wanted to know the gender. I decided to go with it and we learned that we were expecting a baby girl the evening of our anatomy scan at home together as a family. One thing that convinced me to find out the gender this time was all the fun I could have with the nursery and doing some of the gender prediction tests I had watched people do during my last pregnancy.

I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted to do them before or after we found out. I know the whole purpose is to give you an idea well before the 20 week anatomy scan but I wasn’t sure if the results would impact the moment I found out for sure. I decided to do the tests after we found out so I could also report on their accuracy.

There were some I already knew the answer too because they are pretty common gender prediction questions.

I also searched Google and Pinterest to find a few others I could do at home. I just needed some Baking Soda, Drano, red cabbage, and a few clear cups.
This one is simple and very straight forward. I am not sure how accurate it is and would love to know what the result was for someone having a boy. It’s hard to believe that this mixture wouldn’t produce fizz.
This is the only test I would strong recommend you have someone else do, preferably outside. There is no need for you to expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals. Luckily, my hubby is a trooper and gladly helped me with this test on the deck. It looks more clear in the photo but definitely had a green tint to it.

My sweet husband stepped in and helped with this test as well. I don’t buy or eat red cabbage so I was a little taken aback by the smell and couldn’t imagine it cooked.

Although these are meant to be fun and hold no definitive answers I was impressed with the results. Out of the 11 tests we did 2 came back boy, 8 girl and 1 boy/girl. While I wouldn’t go decorating the nursery with pink and purple until an ultrasound, it’s a fun way to get excited and either get a huge surprise or confirm what the tests say.
If you decided to do a few of these on your own I would LOVE it if you could report back and let me know what you got! 🙂

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