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July 23, 2014

75% Complete

Munchkin is the size of a cucumber!
Weight gain: About 17 pounds. At my 28 week appointment the midwife thought that was fine, at 30 weeks a different midwife scolded me a little. It’s amazing how the difference of opinion regarding weight gain depends on the midwife/doctor. I am going to take it easy on the sugar and carbs for now and see what happens. I am not too concerned but don’t really want a lecture twice a week for the next 2 months…
Sleep: I have mentioned this before but I love my pillow fort. I have found 8 perfect pillows that all serve their own purpose. It looks a little funny but other than waking up to pee, it works like a charm. Baby girl will only let me sleep on my back propped up and my right side.


Miss anything: My sanity? I have felt so stretched thin the last week it finally took a toll on me yesterday and I had a little melt down. I just have way to much going on this late in my pregnancy so it takes me twice as long to do things. It’s so hard to prioritize when things come up that need immediate attention. Being pregnant with a toddler is definitely MUCH harder. 
Movement: Tons as usual. I really can’t tell which way she is or what I am being poked with. She loves moving around when I lay down for the night and keeps moving all night long. It’s fun to put my iPad on my belly and watch her kick it around!
Cravings: Nothing really… I still prefer carbs over sweets.  
Best moment last week: Attending a blogging conference in NYC, Blogger Bash, with my good friend Jen from All Four Love. It was so much fun to have a weekend away and even though my felt did swell quite a bit, I did pretty good!

Looking forward to: Finishing up the last few things in Parker’s room. I have a few canvases to paint, his growth chart and an awesome map collage for above his bed. Once that is done, I can switch gears and start working on baby girls nursery! 

Parker = 24 + 1

Perhaps this is a little ambitious but I really want to keep going with Parker’s monthly updates. There is still so much that is changing from one month to another I know I will want to look back and remember them.

Over the last month Parker has…

… celebrated his 2nd birthday with some of his favorite friends and family

… went to the allergist for the first time to confirm a few food allergies

… found out he loves eating salad with all the fixings like tomato, cucumber, cranberries and croutons

… got a big boy car seat that is nice and comfy with a drink and snack in hand while watching Frozen

… calls Parmesan cheese shake

… went on his first field trip with his daycare

… has discovered Super Why!

… moved to his big boy room and is now sleeping in his big boy bed

… likes to “jump” around

… has entered the absolutely wonderful, fantastic, calm and sweet twos

… mastered the art of a selfie

… is saying more full sentences and words than Mommy & Daddy can count

… has started to giggle

… loves to tell us when he will, “be right back” with the finger motion and everything

… loves cuddle time with Mommy & Daddy