27 Weeks ~ Hello 3rd Trimester

Munchkin is the size of a rutabaga!
Weight gain: She is starting to make up for such a slow 1st and 2nd trimester. My scale says about 13 pounds but it has been about 5 pounds off the last few times. I will have a better idea on Monday.

Sleep: Has been rough the past few nights. We decided to keep the air on after Parker’s party and it has been amazing during the day but for some reason I am getting very hot at night. Iv’e had to keep a fan on me all night, add another pillow to my collection and increase my sleep number to about 50. I am so grateful we splurged on that bed a few years ago. It is the only reason I think I am able to still sleep in bed!

Miss anything: Even though I am usually one to have a to-do list, I miss not having quite so many items on it. Luckily the yard sale and Parker’s party is over. Now it’s just the conference, moving Parker to his big boy room, getting baby girls room set up and doing an exclusive kids yard sale in August. Oh and then having a baby and readjusting to life with a newborn and family of 4!

Movement: I regret ever saying I wish I could feel her move! She has been really pushing, stretching and moving at night and really don’t like when I sleep on my left side. Yesterday I swear she was in a ball pushing her feet against my back and back against my belly. I thought I may rip in two. She also feels extremely low so I feel like I am walking around with a bowling ball in my stomach. 

Cravings: On Monday we decided to go out to celebrate some possible good news with Robs job and I had my heart set on Cheeseburger In Paradise. Their frickles and avocado burger were just the thing I wanted. We got all the way their, and even taught Parker to say frickles please, only to find out they closed. WHAT?!?!??!??! Gaaaa, I have never been let down like that before. 

Best moment last week: Celebrating Parker’s birthday with many of our friends and family. It was so nice to see all the kids one year old and playing even more together. The party seemed to be a big hit and everyone enjoyed the food. 

Looking forward to: We have taken the futon out of the guest room and can now begin moving out all the baby stuff. We already have Parker’s toddler bed and got the mini couch for his room yesterday. Once everything is out we are going to start setting things up. We will officially move him in on July 21st after we get back from a trip to NJ. Then it’s time to start baby girls room! I am trying really hard not to think about that room until Parker’s is done. 

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