28 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a eggplant!
Weight gain: Definitely catching up from the slow start :/ About 13-15 pounds depending on the day. I can’t say I am doing anything to really keep that number down. I tend to do what my body wants during pregnancy, within reason of course. I have been staying away from all of the pregnancy no no’s like last time. Luckily we found nitrate free bacon and hotdogs which have been a saving grace for me. The hard part is I have no desire to eat anything green. The thought of eating a salad makes me want to vomit. 
Sleep: Still need like 10 pillows just to get comfortable. She hates when I sleep on my left side so I have just been rotating between propped up on my back (with pillows under my legs and on each side) and on my right side (with a pillow between my legs, in front of me and behind me). Iv’e been getting up 2-3 times to pee and check on P now that he is in a big boy bed. Only 1 night of insomnia so that isn’t too bad. 

Miss anything: We got on the topic of baby carriers on my online moms group and I realized how much I miss wearing P. I can’t wait to have another squishy baby for our Moby and to be able to back wear Parker again!

I also wish I had more energy to take him outside and to the park etc… Since we only have 1 car I can’t really do that anyway but when Rob gets home I usually never have enough energy left. Luckily he goes to daycare for a few hours during the week and gets lots of interaction with other kids and adults.

Movement: If this little girl is as feisty on the outside as she is on the inside we are in so much trouble. She loves to move around, stretch and kick. The other night Rob asked if her movements ever woke me up. Silly me responded, “no”… That night she kept waking me up, I think she took it as a challenge.
Cravings: Well I didn’t think I was really craving anything until last night my dinner consisted of corn on the cob and salsa. Enough said…
Best moment last week: We had our 28 week appointment on Monday. It went well and the midwife is satisfied with my weight gain, baby girls heart rate and my measurement (28.5 weeks). I took the glucose test again without any trouble. I can’t believe I start my twice a month appointments already!Looking forward to: Parker is now in his new room with his toddler bed and couch. Right now we are using the dresser that was in there until the wooden lockers my FIL is fixing up are done. We are hoping to finish decorating in there this week/weekend. THEN it is baby girls turn. The nursery is a mess with stuff for Parker’s room and all the things for her. 

I am also looking forward to the Classy Kids consignment sale on Saturday. This is the first sale I am shopping after finding out Munchkin is a girl. She already has so many clothes between hand me downs and what I have scored on buy/sell/trade sites. That doesn’t mean I can’t do a little extra shopping 🙂

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