Parker = 24 + 1

Perhaps this is a little ambitious but I really want to keep going with Parker’s monthly updates. There is still so much that is changing from one month to another I know I will want to look back and remember them.

Over the last month Parker has…

… celebrated his 2nd birthday with some of his favorite friends and family

… went to the allergist for the first time to confirm a few food allergies

… found out he loves eating salad with all the fixings like tomato, cucumber, cranberries and croutons

… got a big boy car seat that is nice and comfy with a drink and snack in hand while watching Frozen

… calls Parmesan cheese shake

… went on his first field trip with his daycare

… has discovered Super Why!

… moved to his big boy room and is now sleeping in his big boy bed

… likes to “jump” around

… has entered the absolutely wonderful, fantastic, calm and sweet twos

… mastered the art of a selfie

… is saying more full sentences and words than Mommy & Daddy can count

… has started to giggle

… loves to tell us when he will, “be right back” with the finger motion and everything

… loves cuddle time with Mommy & Daddy

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