Parker’s 26th Month Update

And possibly his last month update as an only child! Buster boy is chugging right along and growing both physically and developmentally every day.

This month Parker and Daddy took a road trip without Mommy for the very first time. P got to hang out with Chief, Bam and Auntie Sarah while Rob completed his weekend drill. Mommy enjoyed a glorious 48 hours alone in the house preparing for baby girl to arrive. They both did really well mostly on account of Parker’s favorite movie, Frozen, playing over and over again.

As you can see, Parker has certainly mastered the art of the selfie.

Selfie CollageHis vocabulary is also growing by leaps and bounds. He is saying many complete sentences and making connections with actions left and right. Here are some of our favorites…

– “My name is Parker.” Then he proceeds to stick out his right hand so you can shake it.
– “Daddy get ready for work.”
– While looking at Rob’s night stand points out, “Daddy’s wallet, Daddy’s watch, Daddy’s phone. Daddy’s keys downstairs.”
– “Mommy I help you get up.” As he tries to lift my enormous pregnant body off a chair.
– The other day P was out with Rob and a little boy burped at another table while they were eating lunch. Parker looked over and said, “excuse you piggy”. Luckily the Mother thought is was hilarious.
– “I help Daddy fix it.” Whenever he sees Rob grab is drill or hammer he gets really excited and has to be there helping. He knows how to measure and use a screwdriver, hammer, level and drill.

Helping Daddy

He continues to love watching Frozen and listening to the sound track in the mornings while we play. He knows a lot of the words to Love Is An Open Door and sings along until I pull out my camera to get a video. He is also anticipating certain parts throughout the movie which tells me he is really paying attention. I think it’s a good movie so I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Plus it makes him so happy and hearing him giggle is the most wonderful noise I have ever heard. We have tried Aladdin and Tarzan but those don’t really hold his interest. Our next try is Cars.

Parker is obsessed with pickles and dip. He asks for both at almost every meal, including breakfast. He is such a good eater to we oblige when we can and when it is appropriate. Iv’e been trying to come up with some cute foods he can dip things in and plan to do a whole series in October for the 31 day challenge.

We have also noticed that Parker enjoys falling asleep on the couch more than in his bed. His transition was a breeze and he goes down with almost no fuss so we can’t really complain. We can transfer him to the bed with no trouble and we get some cute pictures out of the deal so I think it’s a win win.

Sleeping CollageHe seems to be doing alright with the tough twos. He certainly has his moments but overall he is such a good kid we can’t fault him when he trows a fit. Usually we just ignore it or distract him when we are in public. I thought he maybe getting in molars so I decided to put his Amber Necklace on him again. I can’t help but observe that since then he hasn’t had any complete meltdowns.

I can’t believe how in tune he is to technology. It’s certainly a part of life with this generation but still, at age 2 Parker can identify in a pile of 8 remotes what goes to what and where the power button is for each. In our room I have a basket with the TV remote, Roku remote, the light/fan remote, our Sleep Number bed remote, and a remote for another fan. He has also figured out how to play with my phones timer, flash light and other programs that you don’t need to put a password in to use.

Technology Collage