32 Weeks!

DSC_4618 v2Munchkin is the size of a squash!
32 weeks ~ 8th month ~ 3rd trimester

Weight gain: I am about 18lbs up which is actually 2 pounds lower than what I was last week. My midwife yesterday said my weight gain was “excellent” which was a little refreshing especially since my appointment was at the end of the day. My guess is my weight gain is going to slow down a bit as I am not following a low carb diet (more on that below) which is all I have been wanting to eat lately.

Sleep: Still not too bad. I have my nights where I wake up to pee and can’t go back to sleep and other nights I don’t even open my eyes and pass out again as soon as my head hits the pillow. I am usually pretty stiff when I first get up but then I can move pretty easy. If my feet swell at all during the day they go down at night as soon as I put my feet up so I have been trying to sleep with pillows under my legs as much as possible. I really think seeing the chiropractor weekly has helped with sleeping this time around.

Miss anything?: Same as usually, having enough energy to get everything done. I try so hard and can still manage to do a lot, I just get so tired so easily. It’s really hard for me to just sit down and relax. My hands always have to be busy doing something and there is always something that needs to be done.

Movement: She is a rock star in there. Moves around the most when I am still and laying down, especially when I have something laying on my stomach like the iPad. During our U/S the tech told us she was head down, very low, with one foot by her head and the other between my ribs. Now I know why I can feel here in so many places at once!

Cravings: Nothing much lately. This pregnancy has been pretty boring in the way of cravings. I am in the mood for certain things at different times but that is as far as it gets lately.

Positives (and negatives): We went in on Monday for our U/S and appointment with the perinatal specialist. Since they found out that I have positive ANA’s (anti-nuclear antibodies) in my system they wanted to make sure that baby girl was growing and the placenta was functioning properly. Luckily, everything looks good on that front. However, while she was reviewing the results of the U/S she noticed that her head is measuring around 40% and belly around 80%. Mix that with failing my 1-hr GD test and having 1 of the 4 numbers from my 3-hr

What I am looking forward to: Getting started on this diet and making the best out of the next 8 weeks to give baby girl and I every chance possible to VBAC. We are also 90% done with Parker’s room, just a few more projects to finish up. I already started on baby girls room getting all of her clothes organized. Now we just have to wait for the room to be painted and then we can start decorating. It’s nice to really be making a dent in our to-do list especially since her due date is creeping up on us!

P and C comparisonJust for fun, here is a side by side comparison of Parker and baby girl! I can’t believe how much they look alike.

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