36 Weeks

36 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a Honeydew!
36 weeks ~ 9th month ~ 3rd trimester

Weight Gain: Between baby girls size and pretty bad swelling in the last week the pounds are starting to stack on. At this point I don’t have the energy to be too upset about it and am proud of myself to keeping it in check for pretty much 8 whole months. The good news is the water weight comes off pretty quickly, last pregnancy I lost 15 pounds in 1 day during the first week of postpartum recovery.

Sleep: She actually let me sleep on both my right and left side last night. It was AMAZING!!! I woke up in the middle of the night just to do kick counts to make sure everything was alright.

Miss Anything?: Being about the get things done. It’s so hard to have to sit down every 10 minutes because I am exhausted or my feet are in

Movements: Same as usual, loves to move around at night when I am relaxing and almost always tries to kick the iPad off my belly. I have been feeling Braxton Hick Contractions, tons of pressure and cramping quite a bit recently but nothing consistent. I did download a contractions timer just in case though 🙂

Cravings: This past weekend was full of food. My sister brought a Sour Cream Coffee Cake and made some of her yummy guac while she was here. I thoroughly enjoyed both and was sad they weren’t in the fridge this afternoon to munch on. I am really craving a Diet Coke right now as well. I was hoping to completely quite diet soda after this pregnancy and limit my soda intake all together. I usually do really well for the first 7 months but towards the end it’s all I can think about.

What I Am Looking Forward To: This past weekend was packed with friends and family. While it was a good time, I am looking forward to the low key week and weekend. I am hoping to have our bags completely packed and baby girls room done by the end of the weekend. If I can keep the swelling down in my feet I also want to make cookies for the L&D staff. I will wait till the bags are packed though… Last time my water broke with Parker less than 24 hours after I made cookies.

Sunday we took another trip to L&D for a few symptoms that the on-call midwife wanted to take a look at. All my tests came back alright but they are looking at me pretty closely for Pre-E because of my history and sudden swelling this pregnancy. Luckily, we had a ton of people at the house to look after Parker and they even cleaned up the house while we were gone.

We had our follow up U/S yesterday to check on baby girls growth. Looks like the ANA isn’t affecting this pregnancy at all and baby girl is weighing in around 7 pounds. Yikes! While I know these measurements are just an estimation, I was hoping she would be a little smaller. I had to laugh when the doctor came in though. Last time we had a fairly uptight one who pretty much said her belly was going to get stuck if I tried a VBAC. This doctor explained there is no definitive research to indicate size is an automatic issue for vaginal delivery. Then he held up his hands and said, “the stomach is a very squishy” in an Italian accent. It was like night and day between our two appointments. I almost walked away feeling like he should have been more worried. He is the expert though and our plans for an unmedicated VBAC haven’t changed.

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