Parker’s 27 Month Update

As expected this past month was pretty hectic and a little stressful at times. We spent the month trying to get as much done as possible, visiting L&D a few times, and trying to savor every moment we could with Parker.


We had quite a few people come to visit for Labor Day which was a blast. My Sister came for the long weekend. Rob’s parents came on Saturday and brought Parker’s cousins for a little play time. They also brought the antique lockers Rob’s father has been restoring for Parker’s room. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to finally reveal Parker’s airplane themed room. Then Aunt Jen, Uncle Jeff, C & G came to visit Saturday – Monday. It was a warm weekend so we spent time outside in the pool and just hanging out.


We had a false alarm on the 10th. Contractions had started around 4 am and by 8am they were still consistent. I had a 9am appointment so we made tentative arrangements for Parker and went to breakfast as a family of 3. At my appointment I had progressed a little but nothing to indicate it would be the day. Then the contractions slowly tapered off. We were a little bummed as we made our way back home for lunch and nap time. After nap time we decided to head to the mall to get out of our funk. It was exactly what we needed. We let Parker try out one of the rides and even took some photos in one of the booths.


On Saturday the 14th we had planned to clean the house but instead made our way to MD to watch the Blue Angels perform. We also saw the Blue Angels perform when I was pregnant with Parker. He had a blast and loved watching out for the airplanes. It was a great random trip and perfect time to get out of the house.

Here are some of my other favorite memories this month…


I really love our Summer Infant monitor, especially when it captures moments like this…

IMG_8572He certainly has been watching us when it comes to getting “work” done.


Parker is becoming such a ham and with those blue eyes and ridiculously long eyelashes it doesn’t take too much effort. I find that these unplanned moments really capture his true personality.


The day before Parker was born I baked cookies. Turns out this time around baby girl made her appearance after making smoothies. We used our Infantino Squeeze Station to make a batch of fruit smoothie pouches for a quick breakfast and snack option. We had some great coupons for yogurt and used fresh fruit we have frozen over the last few weeks.


Parker loves to help out with our daily tasks and wants to constantly “help us”. It’s been tricky to find safe ways for him to help but we are getting better at it. Even though that usually means a bigger mess for us to clean up, it’s worth it.


Most importantly, Parker became a big brother on September 19th!

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