Pregnancy Favorites

As this pregnancy is coming to an end (wishful thinking!) I have been doing a lot of reflecting on how different it was from my pregnancy with Parker. Not only because I was a brand new blogger at the time, but I was a first time mom. This time around I was more confident and new ahead of time what worked well for me and what didn’t. That sure helped when knowing what items would be essential to get through 9 months of pregnancy.

Favorites Collage

Bra Extender  |  Target Be Maternity Cross-Over Pants  |  Old Navy Rib-Knit Tanks  |  Hi Bebe Digital Fetal Heartbeat Monitor  |  Cricut Expression  |  Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars  |  Nature Made Prenatals  |  Mary Kay Lip Balm  |   The Mommy MD Guide  |  Aladdin Mason Tumbler  |  Aladdin Cafe To Go Water Bottle

The Bra Extender,  Target Be Maternity Cross-Over Pants, and Old Navy Rib-Knit Tanks were even more of a favorite this pregnancy than last time since I now stay at home. I pretty much lived in them the last eight months, especially when it started getting hot out.

I used the Hi Bebe Digital Fetal Heartbeat Monitor a lot when I was pregnant with Parker so that Rob could hear his heartbeat over the phone while he was deployed. This time it took longer to feel baby girl move because I have an anterior placenta so it was nice to listen to the heartbeat when I got worried.  While having a heartbeat monitor is great, it should never replace a call to your OB if you are concerned about something. It does offer a little reassurance here or there when you need it.

Similar to last pregnancy I used my Cricut Expression weekly for my bump photos. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with them while having a toddler around but have been doing really well and only missed a few weeks total. My last bump photo was 35 weeks with Parker and he came at 38 weeks. Iv’e gotten both a 36 and 37 photo this time!


The Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars have been a life saver this pregnancy, especially when I started following a gestational diabetes diet and monitoring my sugar levels. They are so yummy, only 1.5 carb choices, and I can throw a few in Parker’s diaper when we are on the go. I was also grateful when I found the larger version of the Aladdin Mason Tumbler perfect for around the house and the Aladdin Cafe To Go Water Bottle which fits in the car and stroller cup holder. Staying hydrated has been a little harder now that I don’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and am constantly chasing after a toddler.

The Nature Made Prenatal vitamins and the MaryKay suncare lip protector have been used daily just like my last pregnancy. I find my skin is really sensitive when I am pregnant so the lip protector is great at preventing my lips from getting burned. The Nature Made Prenatal vitamins are inexpensive but still have everything I need to help baby girl grow.

I loved following the The Mommy MD Guide book during my last pregnancy and it was a great refresher each week this time around. It is extremely easy to follow and is broken down by week during your entire pregnancy. You can learn what is going on with baby, what is going on with you, and each section has stories from medical professionals during that week.

I would love to here what some of your pregnancy favorites were below!

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