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October 23, 2014

16 Thoughts in Parker’s 28th Month

Dear Parker,

I can’t believe another month has come and gone. I know Mommy has been busy taking care of Caity and hasn’t had as much time to play with you.¬†Thank you for being such a good little boy and understanding. Iv’e been doing a lot of thinking over the last month about your first month home. It’s hard to believe you were ever this small. Here are 16 thoughts I have had about you this month.


You are more like your Daddy than either of you will ever realize…


The way you repeat, “It’s okay Caity” when I ask you to calm her down is adorable and I hope I can get it on video someday to always remember it by…

Not every person who knocks on the door is the pizza man. My fault for ordering it more than I should ūüôā

You love the benefits of Mommy being a blogger…


You love to “walk Daddy hand” when we go to the store now…

The joy on your face when you experience something for the first time is priceless…

Chick-fil-A is one of your favorite places to eat because they have a lot of “dip” and a “play slide”…


You try to mimic what Mommy & Daddy do as much as you can… Even little things like a coffee table to hold your drink.

My heart melts when you read Caity a bedtime story…

I know you try to help me change Caity’s diaper but it usually ends up being more work for me. I don’t mind it though because I LOVE that you want to help.


You LOVE to cuddle with Daddy (or Mommy) in Caity’s room and Watch Super Why!.

You understand what the number two means and often request you have two of something, one for each hand…

While Frozen is still your favorite, you now enjoy watching Cars and Madagascar…


Daddy’s bottle doesn’t really have juice in it…

You are the smartest, funniest, and sweetest little boy I know…

Your imagination is adorable and Mommy & Daddy have so much fun watching you play…

Sept 24, 2014 P cooking (21)

Caity’s One Month Update


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It’s hard to believe that we brought Caity home from the hospital a month ago already. I suspect that is mostly because the days seem to run together lately. We have settled into our new life pretty quickly and with minimal bumps. Parker has been fantastic around Caity and hasn’t acted out much at all. It is surprising how little our routines have even changed.


Welcome Home Caity
Since I had a successful VBAC Caity and I were cleared to go home about 30 hours after she was born. My parents stayed for the first week and then my sister came the following week. Having the extra help to do laundry, make meals, and keep the house tidy was great. I had some PP pain/complications so I really appreciated the help since Rob couldn’t take much time off from school.


Caity and Parker also had a few visitors including Rob’s parents, Uncle Tim, and a close local friend.


What a difference breastfeeding has been this time around. Being able to hold Caity right away and using the Lansinoh Latchassist Nipple Everter really got us off on the right foot. It was also much easier being my second time and knowing what to expect. Caity reached her birth weight by her 2-week checkup which gave me the confidence I needed to get through her first¬†growth spurt. I am now convinced the 10-day growth spurt is the worst because it happens so quickly and you are still recovering from delivery. The 2AM feedings are still my favorite feeding. The world is asleep and it’s just the two of us cuddling and bonding.


Even though it has been going well, I have been experiencing a significant amount of pain and wanted to figure out the cause. We had a Lactation Consultant come to the house for an evaluation and to offer some guidance. She weighed Caity who is already up to 9lbs 3oz, evaluated Caity and then provided some tips on latch. She also weighed her before and after each feeding. Apparently little miss is taking in about 3.5 oz a feeding. She diagnosed me with Thrush and Caity with a tongue and lip tie. I went to my OB for the Thursh and we have an appointment this week with a ENT to evaluate her tongue and lip tie.

Planning things around an EBF infant is interesting. She still isn’t on a feeding schedule so we have to play it by ear when we are out running errands. As a result, I pretty much am nursing in public every time we go out. I use a cover and try to be discrete as much as possible. Even so, I can’t believe how many dirty looks I get. Luckily, motherhood has given me a thicker skin and I am not too phased. I have learned a few tricks along the way which has made it a little easier and just bought a ring sling to hopefully help when I am on the go and she gets hungry.

This Time Around
Iv’e always read the stories around Facebook where the author jokes about how relax parents are with subsequent children. I was certainly a little more lax during my pregnancy this time around ¬†indulging in a few Diet Cokes and eating Taylors Ham on several occasions. Things were also different when Caity was born. I didn’t need weeks to recover and we had a toddler at home. Within the first week we were out running errands and attending play dates. Iv’e still been extremely careful always covering her and keeping her away from others.

Parker was battling a cold before Caity was born and still has a cough five weeks later. I was hoping that Caity wouldn’t be affected but unfortunately she has been stuffy for a week now and I have developed a cough. It’s so heartbreaking to hear a little one sick. Parker was about 18 months old when he caught his first cold.

Since Caity is EBF at the moment feedings are often lonely, especially at night. Although Rob usually asks, there isn’t much he can do. She also hasn’t taken to a pacifier and instead prefers laying her cheek on my boob when she is done eating. If only it wasn’t so cute. She also tends to eat more often which I know if common in breastfed babies.

Overall there hasn’t been as much of an adjustment period as there was with Parker. We are so use to the lifestyle of being a parent another child hasn’t really changed up our routine, just made it a little more hectic. Around the second week Rob and I talked some things out and came up with a game plan. Usually I am feeding Caity while he makes dinner, then he spends time with both the kids while I clean up the kitchen and tidy up the house. I enjoy some kid free time and he gets to enjoy some cuddles.

Milestones & Memories
I have been keeping a calendar by the changing table for Caity (and Parker) to help keep track of her firsts, milestones, and memories. Here are just a few from this month.


First picnic…

Sept 22, 2014 (84)

First walk…


First cloth diaper…


First story time with big brother…


First time baby wearing…


First bath…

IMG_2616First photo shoot…

Letter to Caity
Sweet baby girl,¬†I can’t believe you have been in my life for a whole month already. I am so lucky to be your Mommy and you make my heart happy. Daddy, Parker and I love you very much and are so happy you are finally here. We have so many fun things planned for you in the next few months and you are going to meet a lot more family and friends. I cherish our moments together, even the ones at 2AM, and will never wish them away. You make some of the most adorable grunts, yawns, and burbs. When you get really hungry and start moving your hands around you look like a Walker on The Walking Dead. You even have some cooresponding sound effects that go along with it perfectly. One of these days I will get it on video to embarrass you with someday. Thank you so much for being patient with Mommy and Daddy while we learn how to manage two. We certainly won’t always do it perfectly but we are trying and will get better and better every day. Hitting one month has really reminded me how quickly these first few months go by and you can be sure I will be slowing things down quite a bit. I don’t think you will mind some extra snuggles.