Dear Parker

September 20, 2014
Dear Parker,

You were so excited when we dropped you off at school Thursday morning. You don’t usually go on Thursday’s so this was an extra special treat. We pulled up the driveway and you immediately started naming off all your friends at school. Ms. Leslie came out to get you so I didn’t even get a chance to kiss you goodbye.

I wish I could have been there when Bam and Chief walked into the house later that night, I bet you were surprised! You were so excited to cuddle up with Chief that you didn’t even notice Bam and Daddy leaving.


You see, while you were busy playing with friends all day Daddy and I were were also busy. That morning Daddy decided to take the day off so that he could drive me to the hospital. Nothing too concerning, I just couldn’t feel Caity moving around like I usually do. We spent the day getting my belly checked out and making some important decision. By 4pm we knew that this was the last trip we would be making to the hospital and that Caity would be born soon.

I know you are going to miss laying on my belly…


… and kissing it.

28 Weeks

And I want you to always know how much I love you. You will always be my little boy.


But on September 19th you became a big brother, which is the most important job you will ever have.


There will always be a spot on my lap for you, no matter how full it may seem.


And the next few weeks may be a little hard… People are coming to visit and while they came to see and play with you, they also want to meet Caity. Once everyone goes home it will just be Daddy, Caity, you, and me. Things will be a little different but we will still play cars, watch movies, cuddle, take shark showers, and read stories before bed.


We are now a family of 4 and even though that means things will be a little crazier at times, it means there is more love to share in our little family.




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