Life With Two: 28 Months & 1 Month

Multitasking Mamma
Having a toddler and newborn at home has been interesting. There certainly isn’t as much time to snuggle during the day and recuperate from all night feeding sessions. I have to find a balance between giving Caity the snuggles she needs as a newborn and giving Parker the attention he deserves. It’s still a work in progress but I am doing pretty well I think. Caity usually nurses between 5-7AM so she takes a morning nap while I get Parker and I ready for the day and eat breakfast. The morning is spent cleaning up, laundry and other chores. Lunch has been tricky because they both seem to get hungry at the same time. Nap time I try to get a little blogging or office work done while Caity naps in the Mamaroo. Afterwards we usually head downstairs to watch a movie and have quiet play until Rob gets home. Then it’s dinner followed by bed time routine. Rob gives Parker a bath or shark shower while I give Caity a bath at the sink. Having the changing station in the bathroom has worked out great, especially with the colder weather coming. Then it’s story time and Parker goes to bed. Caity usually nurses again around that time and two more times before I go to bed.


Brother & Sister Love
Parker is doing really well with Caity. He is so interested in what she is doing and often concerned when she cries. If he sees she doesn’t have a blanket or hat he will look around for one and bring it to her saying, “Caity need hat/blanket.” We have caught him a few times bawling up his own A&A blanket and rocking it back and forth. He loves to help change her diaper and thinks that when I nurse her she is getting a bottle. I swear he is gonna tell someone women when he is older she has nice bottles (instead of boobs).

Iv’e noticed that they both look a lot alike and have several of the same mannerisms. She also gets hangry without much warning which is very similar to her brother and father.

Caity VS Parker


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