Caity’s Two Month Update

Month 2 with watermark

This little girl has just been moving right along and growing up too fast.  We had fun doing her photo shoot which only took about an hour. I had forgotten how smoothly shoots can go before they start moving around!








This Time Around
During Caity’s 1 month well visit the pedi gave me his vaccine schedule and I was surprised she would receive 4 shots and 1 oral vaccine at the same time during her 2 month well visit. When I looked back at Parker’s records he had gotten all 5 at his 2 month check up. I don’t believe that vaccines directly cause Autism but I know they are a lot for a little body to handle. I told the pedi we would like to come in 2 different times, about a week apart, to receive all of her month 2 vaccines. I was glad when he agreed without giving me a hard time. I did break up Parker’s 1 year vaccines into 2 different weeks which I will also be doing the same for Caity.

We have been out and about more in public this time around than before. Having a toddler, only 1 car and an EBF baby makes life a little less flexible at times. I don’t mind it though. Rob and I work really well together and can tag team getting us out the door relatively quickly. Usually I am nursing Caity while he gets Parker dressed and the diaper bag packed. While we are out I wear Caity, we use the double stroller, or Parker sits in a shopping cart while I put Caity in the Snap N’ Go stroller. If we are out for awhile running multiple errands Caity and I will stay in the car if she is hungry so I can nurse her more comfortably.

With a toddler around and Rob in school we definitely don’t do as much relaxing/lying around as last time. Spare moments are spent playing, cleaning up, or rushing to get things done. Rob school schedule is nice, he is always home early, but his nights are spent doing school work and writing papers. He finishes in June so that will be an interesting transition. He can get more cuddles in at night and I can have more of a break.

Nursing has gotten much easier and although I feel some pain every time she latches, it has become bearable. We saw an ENT who looked over Caity and recommended we get her lip tie clipped but hold off on clipping the tongue tie. It wasn’t as severe and thick which would mean a lot more bleeding. It took about 1 minute, she cried for maybe 2 minutes, and it stopped bleeding in about 5 minutes. I noticed a difference difference in our nursing sessions right away, especially with how quickly she finishes. Our usual 30 minute sessions turned in to 10-15 minutes when eating was her primary goal.

As I mentioned above, we have been battling some colic for the last month. Luckily, as long as she is nursing she is able to stay calm which is lucky for us. Unfortunately, that means that every night from 7pm – midnight I am in her nursery nursing/holding her. Some would jump at the opportunity to sit and watch TV every night. It’s been hard for me because that is when I use to get a majority of my work done. All I can do while I sit there is think of everything I have to do. We tried to introduce a bottle of formula the other night after she because she had completely drained me and was just so upset. She absolutely refused the bottle and there was nothing we could do. She ended up just nursing the rest of the evening and falling asleep. I was worried something had happened to my supply but it is fine and I think she was just having a mini growth spurt.

Milestones & Memories
It’s amazing how much can change in just a month. Caity can now hold her head up for about a minute and loves to look back and forth. If you let her grab on to your fingers she will also try to pull up. She is awake more and more each day although she doesn’t have consistent awake and asleep times. Her coos almost sound as though she is talking to us and really likes being at the dinner table with us. I think she is also recognizing Rob and I, at least when she looks at me it seems like she knows who I am, at the least her food source.

Caity got to experience several firsts this month which were all fun! My sister stayed with her in our hotel room while Rob and I attended the Marine Corp Ball. She also visited her first museum when we met up with my parents and Parker the day after the ball and visited the Natural History Museum. On a more embarrassing note, Caity also pooped in the tub for the first time, something her brother has yet to do! Here are a few other firsts…


Here first holiday, Halloween.


Her first trip to the zoo, although she slept through all of it.


Caity tried on her first, of many, pair of baby legs. She LOVES kicking on her playmat but her feet always get stuck and she gets super angry. This was a great solution that still kept her legs warm 🙂 I probably have about 20 pairs that I can’t wait for her to try on!

IMG_9915Caity started sitting with us at the table during dinner this month. As long as she isn’t hungry, she sits there peacefully watching us eat and cooing right along as though she is part of the conversation. She is usually bundled under a nice warm blanket as long as she isn’t busy trying to kick it off.

Sleeping Collage

Did I mention she liked sleeping?

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