Life With Two: 29 months & 2 months

Multitasking Momma
I am finding myself a lot more tired on days when I am alone with both kids. It’s a great day when their schedule mesh well together, it’s rough on the days when they don’t. My days are spent running around trying to give both the attention they want/deserve. The evenings are much different this time around since Caity has developed colic. From about 7pm – midnight all she wants is to be held/nursed. It gets emotionally and physically draining for me at times and frustrating for Rob since he can’t really help.

On a good day, Caity takes her morning nap while P and I get dressed and have breakfast. I try and throw in a load of laundry or clean up the kitchen before she wakes to eat. Parker usually plays in the morning and I put on a movie to occupy him while I nurse Caity and make lunch. During nap time I keep Caity upstairs with me while I attempt to get a craft project or blog post done. After nap I feed Caity while Parker plays until Rob gets home. Depending on the day he will either take care of them while I try to get more work done or we run errands. I usually feed Caity while Rob makes dinner and then he gets in some cuddles and playtime with Parker while I clean up and do the dishes. After that we head upstairs for bath time. Caity in her bath tub on the sink and Parker either in the bath tube or in the shower. Rob reads to Parker and puts him to bed while I nurse Caity again. Sometimes I don’t leave the nursery until it’s time to go to bed. Other nights I attempt to get some more work done upstairs. Rob usually heads upstairs to do homework right after putting Parker to bed. Good days and bad days can change this schedule around but for the most part, this is what the average day looks like. I will say that on a bad day nothing gets done, we watch a lot of movies, and I can usually be found in the kitchen attempting to make lunch with one hand while nursing Caity.

My biggest tip is to figure out what you can do while they are awake and what needs to be done while they are sleeping. I try to plan out at the beginning of the week what I would like to accomplish and what days I can work on those goals. The most important part of that is realizing it’s just a goal. Sometimes I get everything done including all the laundry while other weeks almost nothing gets done. Either way, I won’t remember them in 20 years just the memory and photo of all the cuddles I can manage to get in.

Brother & Sister Love


Parker is adapting really well with Caity around. He constantly wants to help and thinks Caity should always have her blanket, Monroe, and paci.


Parker vs Caity

Parker and Caity at 2 Months


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