Motherhood Confessions: Sometimes, I Just Need A Laugh

Some days I totally rock the SAHM gig and Rob comes home to a clean house, dressed family, and dinner being prepared. Other days, he dodges a minefield of toys as he passes through a kitchen that resembles Walmart before snowstorm and upstairs where no one is showered, dressed, or even willing to face the fact that the day is almost over. Those good days are reason for celebration while the hard ones require a good laugh, some fast food, and a Netflix marathon.

Last Friday was exceptionally rough although I can’t really tell you how, it was just one of those days there nothing went right, nothing got done, and of course P & C’s schedules didn’t match up at all. Rob came home took one look at me in last nights wardrobe covered in mysterious stains toddler and newborn in full meltdown I immediately took out his phone and started searching for my daily laugh fix.

Since we all need a good laugh, I thought I would share a few of my recent finds in hopes of bringing a smile to your face regardless of the day you have had.

If you enjoyed that check part Part 2 and Part 3, they are just as funny! I personally couldn’t help but think as I watched this, “what if my Google could talk?”

I stumbled on Honest Toddler quite awhile ago and find myself drawn to the harsh and true reality of their Tweets about life as a toddler and how they see the world at times.


I just recently came across @insta2yearold on Instagram, a creation by the amazing blogger Ilana from Mommy Shorts,  on those particularly rough toddler days.

Then of course you have the random memes…


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