Our Organized Entry Way

When we were house hunting I remember walking into our now home and immediately falling in love with the entry. I had recently pinned an adorable entry way set up and the space to put one together in our new home was definitely on my wish list. Although it has now been two years since we moved in, I was so excited to put the final touches together and share what we came up with.


I spent quite awhile shopping my favorite stores for all of the pieces that would work together to maximize storage and organization. In the end, I ended up finding everything I needed at Target, Hobby Lobby, and of course IKEA.


I knew that we would find what we wanted at IKEA and ended up choosing two Besta bookcases and the Besta TV Stand which fit perfectly in the narrow but long space.


We found a jewelry tree at Bed Bath & Beyond to hang our keys and an old tin I have had since childhood for knick-knacks we wanted close. I also put a Longaberger basket with pens there to sign for deliveries etc…



I wanted our entry way to store all of our scarfs, hats, gloves, sun glasses, etc… all year round. After looking in quite a few stores I ended up deciding on these from Target. They are pricey but were exactly what I was looking for with deep storage and appealing.


I keep a lot of our diaper bag must haves close by so I can refill what is needed after each trip so we can run out the door.


I also keep some recent magazines handy so I can grab them on our way out for day trips.


These bins have been perfect for our needs. Rob, Parker, Caity, and I each have our own. Right now Rob and mine contain all our our scarfs, hats and gloves while the kids hold all of their gear.



Since I am a symetrical person I couldn’t have a large basket on one side and not the other. So I decided to store some of our coffee table books on the opposite side of our keys. We don’t have a coffee table right now and they would be victium to the wrath of a toddler if let out. I also found a smaller basket to hold treats for our kitties and a lint roller which I use daily on the sofa.



The bench is a perfect height for Parker to sit when he is getting his shoes on or for guests to put their belongings when they visit. The cubbies are perfect storage places for smaller items. I always keep a pair of shoes near the door in case I have to run outside to get the mail. I also upcycled an old Thirty-One box with fabric as a recycle bin for junk mail.

DSC_6649I also found smaller baskets from IKEA to help store sun glasses and all those pesky little knick-knacks that don’t have a home yet you can’t get ride of.


The wall is my favorite part about this project especially now that it is complete. Iv’e had Rob, Parker and mine up for almost a year now. Once Caity was born we took them down, fixed up the wall and reconfigured them to fit all four. The rustic iron signs were $5.99 are from Hobby Lobby . I actually purchased them almost two years ago and bought both a C and W since we had already picked out names for our next baby (long before I was even pregnant). The wooden M in the middle was $5.99 at JoAnn Fabrics.


I love having a hook for my purse, the diaper bag, and Rob’s hats that he often leaves laying around and always wants to grab one on the way out the door.


I am in love with the final product and it has really helped keep our entry way clean and organized. Right now there is a place for everything with extra storage to grow with our family. The whole project ended up being just under $600 I think it was a worth while investment for a custom design.


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