Parker’s 29th Update


This little man has quite a personality and is even getting a little sassy at times. He hasn’t been to the doctors in awhile but last we checked he was about 37 pounds. By the fit of his 2T paints it also looks as though he has grown quite a bit as they now resembles high waters. He still enjoys going to “school” and seeing his friends although most mornings it’s a chore to get him up and out the door. His appetite comes and goes but when he is hungry he can eat just as much or more than Rob or I especially if it’s breakfast food. He loves almost any kind of fruit, yogurt, gorilla bars, and anything that is messy for dinner. He is napping 1.5-3 hours each day and about 12 hours at night. Our bed time routine now consists of a bath or shark shower, story time/quiet play and kisses good night. We just recently started working on cleaning up his play room together. Until now Rob or I did it after bedtime. He certainly isn’t quick but does well when we give him one task to complete at a time.

The way he runs and “dances” now you wouldn’t even think that he didn’t walk until he was 18 months. His fine motor skills are also getting stronger and he loves to stack his alphabet blocks. His vocabulary is out of control and he is mostly speaking in sentences, a little broken at times, but sentences none the less. We were at the mall the other day and Rob went to go move the car while we walked to the play area. Parker knew that was what we were doing next and said as we were leaving the store, “lets go find the playground”. My favorite this month was when we were at a restaurant ordering food. She asked us what we wanted to drink and after Rob and I answered Parker said, “apply juice please”. We were all shocked because he said it so casually as though he was suppose to go next. I hadn’t intended on ordering anything for him but couldn’t say no to that.

Some of my favorite phrases are…
“… lets go find Caity”
“…is Alica okay?”
“…over here” or “…over there”
“…yes sir”
“…cuddle please Mommy”
“… Mommy do working”

And some of our not so favorite phrases…
“… no, I don’t want to cuddle right now” :/
“… no stop that please”
“…ow!” which he yells at us whenever we are doing something he doesn’t want

Here are a few firsts for Parker this month…


On one of his days we took the kids to the National Zoo for the first time. Parker really loved the animals, especially the elephants. You can see more photos in my Wordless Wednesday post.



We had a lot of fun this Halloween trick-or-treating and making a few crafts. Check out my Wordless Wednesday post with more photos!


It’s hard to believe but Parker also visited his first museum this month. He was still a little too young to understand and appreciate everything but he loved all of the animals and the buttons!



Parker loves taking care of his little sister and always makes sure she has her blanket. If it can’t find one, he lets her have his.


He has also been imitating me a lot of the Boppy and tries to feed his baby doll. He also tries to put my nursing pads down his shirt when I leave them lying around, or on his head like a hat. 😉 Don’t worry Parker, I will pull those out at some point in your adult life.



Enjoying his first “chapstick” aka lollipop ever.



I was nursing Caity upstairs in the nursery. I had heard Parker mumble, “Daddy’s screwdriver” but didn’t think much of it. A few minutes later Rob got home from class and I heard, “hey dude, what happened to your clothes?!?” This is what Rob had come home to. It’s now a game for Parker to unzip his sleepers but the best part is when he tries to walk as he hasn’t been able to get them fully off yet.


Signing the bill for us, if only he had also paid!





I took Caity into a doctors appointment while the boys waited in the car. This is what I came back to.




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