Caity’s Month 2 Favorites

Even though Caity is still fairly low maintenance at two months, here are a few things that we recently started using that makes life a lot easier!

Two Month Favorites

Boppy  |  Fisher-Price Piano Gym  |  Chicco Key Fit 30  |  Chicco Kay Fit Caddy  |  Just Born Fleece Baby Blanket  |  Aden + Anais Swadle Blankets  |  Becco Soleil  |   Becco Soleil Infant Insert  |  Taggies Portable Fold N’ Go Swing

It’s very interesting how the needs of each baby can differ just was much as each baby differs. Before Caity was born I was considering selling the two Boppy pillows we had since they were rarely used with Parker. I am so glad we didn’t because I use both multiple times a day. They really help support her when nursing especially at the dinner table. I also use it when I need to sit her down on the floor for a minute or when I am at the computer working in the evening. She was to be close to me and this still gives me two hands to work with. We have also started using it to introduce tummy time. The most adorable part is when Parker grabs it and mimics what I do with his baby doll.


It’s never too early to bring out the Fisher-Price Piano Gym otherwise known in my moms group as “the crack mat”. This was a favorite of Parker’s and Caity seems to be enjoying it as well. It’s so cute to watch her kicking the keys with such force and intention.

We stored away the Chicco Key Fit 30 and Chicco Kay Fit Caddy after Parker outgrew it knowing we would want it for baby #2. There are so many different infant car seats to choose from but we liked the features of this one the best. We also LOVE the Caddy. It can be unfolded and folded with one hand and you simply click the car seat in. The basket is huge and can fit our Zip-Top Organizing Utility tote, my purse, what ever baby carrier I am using that day and then some. There are also two cups holders that can comfortably fit large drinks and a center compartment for keys or your phone. Usually when Rob and I are running errands with the kids I push Caity in the Caddy while Parker sits in the shopping cart Rob pushes. I am a huge advocate for NEVER putting an infant car seat on top of a shopping cart. No shopping carts or car seats are designed for that use and it can result an accident injuring or killing the infant. If it’s just the kids and I, Parker goes in the shopping cart and I wear Caity.

It’s getting extremely cold here so Caity is always bundled up under a blanket. I like to keep one in each room and for her car seat so I never have to go searching for one. We found some really soft fleece once from Just Born at Buy Buy Baby that ended up being a good deal after the 20% off. Iv’e also been using the Aden + Anais Swadle Blankets to keep her warm in stores and at the mall when the fleece blankets are too much. Caity doesn’t like to be swaddled but for babies who do, the A & A blankets are perfect swaddling blankets.

In last months favorites post I shared my new favorite ring sling which is great to use in the house when I need an extra hand or to throw in the stroller in case Caity needs a break from the car seat. In addition to that, we also have the Becco Soleil in the Enzo pattern. It was part of the goodie bag we received at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower back in May. I am a huge fan of Becco as we already have the Becco Butterfly that we used with Parker. Right now Caity needs the Infant Insert to fit properly in the carrier. I love the Enzo pattern which is subtle but beautiful. There is a pocket on the front waste band and an optional pouch that can be snapped on the front to hold keys etc… There is also an optional hood that can be snapped on to shield baby. We also purchased the Infantino Hoodie to use in the cold weather to keep both Caity and I warm.

When Parker was born my Mom bought us the Mamaroo which Parker LOVED. It was pretty much the only place he would take naps if I wasn’t holding him. Caity, HATED it and cried every time I tried to put her in even if she was just changed and fed. As much as I hated, we decided to sell it and find something she did like. We ended up deciding on the Taggies Portable Fold N’ Go Swing. The swing is silent as it works with magnets, not a motor, to rock back and forth. It’s also small so it fits under my craft table, out of the way, when we aren’t using it.

I am working on posts for our favorite bath time and cold weather favorites in the next few weeks. What are some of your must haves that I should get?