Caity’s Three Month Update

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This Time Around
The biggest difference I am noticing between Parker and Caity’s infant phase is her colic. Parker was a really chill infant and in the evenings if he was given a bottle would be fine hanging out in the R&P or with Rob. Caity on the other hand, seems to need my boob in her mouth or right next to her cheek. I know that colic isn’t fun for infants and being close to me provides her comfort but man it is emotionally and physically taxing. I know I shouldn’t complain about “having” to cuddle every night with her. But it’s every night for 4-5 hours. I am hoping that it will start to subside a little so I can have a few hours each night. It would make the time we cuddle more enjoyable when I am thinking of everything I should/could be doing.

Caity also started smiling, laughing, and trying to sit up earlier than Parker. I remember Parker didn’t start laughing until a little after four months, after we moved into our current house.

Nursing is still going really well. I am so glad I joined an online breastfeeding support group. It’s a great resource to ask questions and talk to other mammas with more experience. They pushed me to get Caity treated when I can down with Thrush again. The first time the pediatrician didn’t feel it was necessary to treat, hence coming down with it again so soon.

While we are home in NJ for two weeks I plan to pump here and there to get a few bottles together so we can start a nighttime bottle feeding. I know Rob is anxious to have that bonding time with her and I need to start getting a stash frozen. I don’t want to increase my supply too much so I decided to just pump here and there in the AM while I nurse her.

Even though nursing can be emotionally draining at times and feel like I can’t get away, I really do love it and am so grateful it is working out this time around. Not having to wash 5-8 bottles a day is nice. Not having to pack water, bottles, and formula is also nice. Now that I have gotten a little better at it and she is a little older we are pretty efficient at nursing in public. I have even figured out the best clothing combinations so I can nurse without a cover but completely discrete.


Milestones & Memories
Caity is smiling pretty regularly now when we make funny faces or noises. We also sometimes catch a quick smile when she sees us walking by. She is already starting to laugh too. At this point it is most like a gasp but so adorable. When she is sitting with Rob she will wrap her hands around his finger and sit up. You can watch her stomach muscles tightening right before she does it. She will babble if you talk to her and ask questions.

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We spent Thanksgiving at home hosting for some local friends. It was a lot of fun to host and everyone made such a yummy meal!


Rob has drill in December so we decided to all make the trip to NJ and spend the weekend at my parents house. Caity did great in the car sleeping both there and back. We stopped each way so I could feed her quick while Rob took Parker in to stretch his legs, thank goodness for rest stops. It made the long 5 hour trip a little easier. She didn’t mind some cuddles with her Big Chief.


Caity had her first ER visit which you can read about in my Toe Tourniquet Syndrome post. She is fine now but it was a little scary.



Letter to Caity
Oh Munchkin…. You are so adorable. From your peach fuzz hair to you chunky little thighs to your tiny little toes. You have such a personality already. Your smiles and laughs melt my heart and make up for all of the sleepless nights. I know the colic hasn’t been easy but we are almost through it. Mommy just needs to keep telling herself it is something neither one of us can control and to try and enjoy the cuddle time. You are growing up too fast. Already trying to sit up, roll over, and laughing. While I love each of those more than words can say, I wouldn’t be disappointed if you slowed down just a little. I cherish our quite morning nursing sessions, and watching you play with your Daddy. He loves you so much and you already have him wrapped around that little finger.



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