Life With Two: 30 Months & 3 Months

Multitasking Momma

I have had my ups and downs with this the past month. It’s hard to prioritize or even plan to do something because it depends on the kids and how much classwork Rob has to do. When Caity has a good day and Parker is at daycare I can get quite a bit of blogging done. When Parker is home, I focus on housework and playing with him while she sleeps. When she is awake or eating we tend to watch a movie together on the couch.

However, days their schedule don’t line up I want to rip my hair out. For instance last Thursday when I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned, laundry done, and presents wrapped. We were leaving Friday for two weeks so these were all things I had to get done. Parker was on repeat mode and Caity was hysterical if she wasn’t being held. I texted Rob saying, “This. Day. Sucks”.  I still ended up getting everything done, but it certainly was tricky and I didn’t enjoy any of it.

While we are in NJ and have some help with the kids I am hoping Rob and I can sit down and plan out a tangible cleaning schedule and game plan for shopping one day each week. I love schedules and I am confident that if we map out a good one things won’t pile up. We also have a habit of running errands several times a week. If we took one trip to Target each week that would cut out a lot of wasted time during the week that could be spent on family time. Not to mention saving some money!

I also have some goals to set for my blogging, Etsy, and Thirty-One business.

Brother & Sister Love



Parker is starting to show some signs of jealousy. He doesn’t act out but seems to want similar attention so he usually asks to sit on our laps and when he cuddles he wants to be laying right on us. I try whenever possible to put Caity down or hand her off to Rob so that I can get equal cuddles in with my baby boy.

Caity VS Parker

Parker and Caity at 3 Months

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