Parker At 30 Months

In case you are trying to do the math in your head, 30 months is 2.5 years!


For his third year of monthly updates I decided to change up the format each month. This month I though an overall recap would be a nice  way to summarize all of his current achievements and milestones.

You can often find Parker watching…

IMG_0536This is Parker watching Ice Age for the first time. He loved Scrat and giggled every time he came on. We limit it to 1 movie a day but there have been several days this month where an exception was made. Either we were all feeling icky or I had a ton of things to get done. Whenever I am watching a movie with him I like to point things out or ask questions so he is engaged a little. For the most part he will sit and watch a full movie. For movies he has seen several times he does tend to get up and play throughout but always coming back to see where it is at. 

He is often eating…

For the most part Parker has a good appetite. He does have days where he doesn’t seem interested in much but those days are usually followed by eating us out of house and home. He is somewhat picky on meat but loves chicken so we usually make that for him. He LOVES fruit and asks for it at every meal. Veggies are touch and go so we always keep Plum pouches on hand. His favorite veggie is salad… Figure that one out!

He loves spending time…
Playing with his buddy Meara
Visiting our good friends in PA
Riding in Chiefs truck
Exploring on the playground
Playing with his cars
Taking a shark shower
Making messes



He is now…
37 pounds
Taking a 2-3 hour nap daily
Sleeping around 12 hours a night, 7pm – 7am
Up to date on all of his vaccinations including his flu shot

He can…
Look through books and explaining it
Stack small blocks high
Count up to 15
Name all the letters but not in order
Talk in almost complete sentences
Put multiple thoughts together
Run, jump, and climb
Loves participating in our daily regiment


The other day while at my parents we were walking up the stairs. It is an open entry way and there is a window up high on the wall. He said, “get ladder in garage for window.”

You will often hear him say…
Oh my gosh
Ride in Chiefs truck (or Bams Yukon)
Where are you ‘name’ (usually with his eyes closed)
All finished
Help you (what he means is help me)
Get down, get up, get in, get out


Parker has been doing wonderfully with Caity. He likes helping out and will insist she needs a hat or blanket if he sees she doesn’t have one. He also lets me know (as if I don’t already know) when Caity is crying and promptly tells me she is hungry. We have noticed that he wants to eat on our laps more. I think it is because he sees Caity on my lap a lot during meal times. Unfortunately, he right smack in the middle of the terrible twos and really rockin it (yay for us!).


We spent the weekend at Bam and Chiefs while Rob fulfilled his weekend drill commitment. It was a nice little trip and Parker got to spend some time with Ah Ah too. He went to the Christmas tree farm with them and helped pick out their tree.




While we were there we had a belated Thanksgiving dinner. While Bam was making the stuffing Parker decided to help himself to a Cheerio sandwich.  Parker got to meet Ah Ah’s new boyfriend who has quickly become his favorite. They also took him to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree!


A week later Bam and Chief were at our house (so spoiled!) and we decided to try building a gingerbread house. I think it LOOKED fabulous for this first time. I can’t wait to build many more over the years.


On our way to NJ for the Christmas holiday we stopped in PA and spent the weekend with some friends. I already shared the recipe for Salt Dough Ornaments but just had to include this photo in his update because I adore it. My little Picasso! 


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