Thanksgiving Weekend

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend filled with friends, shopping, and decorating.

For Thanksgiving we hosted a few families from my local moms group and one of Rob’s classmates who couldn’t make it home for the holiday. Wednesday was spent cleaning the house and preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner. Rob was in charge of the turkey and dressing while I made fresh cranberry relish and deviled eggs. We decided on a crock pot dressing (because it wasn’t stuffed in the turkey) filled with sausage and dried cranberries. We also enjoyed green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and several yummy desserts.

I had all these grand plans for decorations and place setting but time just didn’t allow for it so I got creative with some things I already had around the house.


This canvas was so simple to make and only took about 25 minutes. I had purchased a few burlap canvases months ago when Michaels had them BOGO. I love using burlap for fall decor so It was just waiting to be used and burlap is perfect for fall. Using a permanent marker I wrote all the things I am thankful for. Some materialistic and some not. Then using acrylic paint I stenciled Give Thanks on top.


This was also a quick project that ended up costing me nothing. I already had the fake fall flowers and vase but was unsure what to put in them. Rob had commented earlier in the week of how many acorns were lying around so I had him run outside and collect a bowl full. I placed them on a cookie sheet and baked them for about 5 minutes to kill any bugs that had made their way inside. Then I used my glue gun to piece together those that had come apart. You can find acorns online but I loved being about the use what we had outside and create a nice and FREE centerpiece for the table.


I wanted to make elaborate place cards but my Cricut ended up saving me and I was able to quickly cut out leaves for each plate. They got the job done and looked nice on the plates!



Growing up shopping on Black Friday was just as much a tradition as Thanksgiving dinner. My mom, sister and I would wake up around 4 and head out for a long day of shopping. We would always hit Kohls first, have breakfast at Panera, then hit the mall and a few other stores stopping for lunch at some point. Last year we were in TN and decided to head out after our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday to get a head start. My dad stayed home with Parker so it didn’t disrupt his schedule. This year with two kids things were a little different. We got up around 7am and headed out stopping at DD for some breakfast. Parker didn’t mind the shopping as he was too busy creating the perfect cream cheese stash 😉 and Caity slept the whole time! I pushed Caity around in her stroller while Rob We hit up Lowe’s and Target and then headed home for lunch and nap time. It wasn’t quite the same but I still had fun. Especially since this momma got a Dyson Animal for a ridiculous price. We also FINISHED all of our Christmas list shopping.


Saturday and Sunday was spent relaxing, making breakfast and changing out our fall decorations for winter ones. Luckily we ended up with an empty box to keep Parker occupied as decorating took much longer than I thought it would. I think I counted 15 bins, 4 of which are just ornaments, that Rob pulled out from the crawl space. It took quite awhile to look through everything and find the perfect spot. We are going to work on the tree tonight and once I have a few projects done I will be sharing this years holiday home tour.

DSC_7022I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and weekend!


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