Nuby 3 Stage Teether Set Review

I am having a hard time facing the fact that my little baby is growing up. Although I can try to deny it until the cows some home it’s impossible to ignore the obvious signs of teething. The drool, irritability, need to chew on everything, and the occasional fever. Yep, my little girl is teething. Crap!

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We have always been a fan of Nuby’s teethers and were excited when they sent us the 3-Stage Theether Set to try out in exchange for my honest review. As always, all reviews are 100% are my own and I never recommend a product I do not use myself or with my family.

Stage 1: Teethe-eez Super Soft Teether
Since she is just in the beginning stages of teething we have been using the Teethe-eez Super Soft Teether designed for babies 0+ months. The soft texture of the bristles provides a delicate comfort to Caity’s gums. When it’s time, the design will help assist the process when her teeth begin to break the skin. She is still a little too young to hold it herself, although she sure tries, so we do it for her. Of course that means we get covered in drool in the process!

Stage1 v3Stage 2: Softees Soft Silicone Teether
We are about ready to introduce this next teether which stimulates the lips and tongue to help with the transition to chewing. The Softees Soft Silicone Teether has different textures on each nub for different sensations and more places to grab a hold as she develops her fine motor skills.


Stage 3: Softees Hard & Soft Teether
Eventually we will introduce this next one to Caity, around 6 months, which has more of a dual surface to massage and soothe sore gums and reach those back teeth. The Softess Hard & Soft teether is lightweight and easy to handle.

nubysofteesThe 3-Stage Teether Set also comes with a travel pack of Nuby All Natural Pacifier and Teether Wipes. These are perfect for the diaper bag when you need to do a quick disinfecting on the go! You can purchase the 3-Stage Teether Set at for about $13 and for about $15 in two different colors.

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