Caity At Four Months

Month 4 with watermark



This Time Around
Caity started giggling and babbling this month, a few weeks before Parker did. I think a lot of that has to do with her watching Parker play. Iv’e been putting a blanket down and sitting on the floor with her so Parker can interact with us a little more. It’s challenging at times because he is rough and doesn’t understand how fragile she is. I remember when he was 4 months old I could just lay him on the floor and run to the bathroom. Now I have to secure her or bring her with me every time I need to do something.

She is still extremely colicy at night. We asked the doctor about it during her four month well visit to which he replied, “we tell parents it tends to stop at 3 months to get them through but in some cases it lasts longer.” Gee thanks doc. I’m looking into the benefits of taking her to a chiropractor to see if that may help. Other than that I guess it’s just a waiting game and lots of night sitting watching Netflix.


We are still going strong! Over Christmas we were in a house full of sickness and made it through without a scratch, so to speak. I am getting better and more confident nursing in public each time. We have also gotten really good at side nursing which is perfect in the evening when Rob and I are settling down in bed. It’s too hard to capture a photo but I wish I could. She looks so precious laying next to me with her hands clasped nursing to sleep. It’s the same feeling I had when I use to feed Parker a bottle in the nursery and watch him fall asleep.

We had planned to practice a bottle over Christmas. I pumped a few mornings and we tried several times to take a bottle but she really really REALLY didn’t like it and I didn’t like seeing milk go to waste. So we decided to hold off. It’s hard to find the motivation to wake up and pump early morning when she is still waking 2-3 times a night to nurse.


Milestones & Memories
On the way to NJ we stopped to see our good friends who had yet to meet Caity. It was a fun weekend and Parker had a blast playing with C and G. We continued on to NJ where Caity got to meet some of the extended family. Most importantly, she got to meet her Great Grandma Mary! There is a generations photo I wanted to do so we brought our whole lighting kit and set up shop in her living room. I can’t wait to share how it turned out with you. 


She has been extremely unhappy in her swings and even her play mats lately. She is always trying to move so we decided it was time to bring out her bouncers. She LOVES sitting up in them and watching Parker. She has also started showing an interest in toys. She especially likes her Sophie and a doll my mom gave her for Christmas who we names Chrissy.


While we were home in NJ Caity played her first board game and went to the spare for pedicures for the first time.



She also started sitting in her tub instead of laying down. She loves being able to look around now while taking a bath.

Letter to Caity
I feel like the weeks are just flying by and I am trying not to wish this precious time away. We are starting to see a glimpse into your personality and all I can say is we are in BIG trouble 😉 You love watching your brother and I can tell you want to move around to keep up with him. It’s so cute when he makes you smile. Sometimes I wonder if you are drawn to him because he is smaller and a lot more energetic.

Your giggles, and babbles make my heart so happy and I can’t seem to take enough photos of that beautiful smile.

4 Month Smile Collage

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