Our 2015 Goals

I am taking my goals seriously this year. Not to say I haven’t in previous years but I look back and realize most of those goals were too specific, not specific enough, or were not practical with two little ones around. Instead of just making lists this year also want to elaborate on some of the more important goals that will need a game plan to achieve.

So here is what I hope to achieve by the end of the 2015 year.

Family Goals:
Spend evenings as a family instead of running errands
Plan a few day trips various places throughout the month
More afternoons cuddling and watching a movie or playing together
Date night 2-4 nights a month with Rob
Meal plan and grocery shop to limit the time and $ we spend eating out

Goals for the Home:
Create a cleaning schedule and stick with it
Create a family binder
Spend each month purging/organizing
Have 2 yard sales and participate in 3-4 consignment sales
Finish organizing the garage

Goals for Mary:
Read a book
Learn to sew
Trademark Cherry Blossom Love and designsBYmcm
Find a better balance between blogging, Thirty-One, Etsy, and MaryKay
Focus on myself and my health
Celebrate my 32 birthday by doing something fun

Goals for Parker:
Say goodbye to the pacifier
Potty train
Learn to dress himself

Goals for Caity:
Sleep through the night
Roll, crawl, and walk
Enroll her in a daycare program

I am really looking forward to this year and all of the opportunities we will have to grow as a family as a family this year!

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