Parker At Thirty-One Months

Buster Boy,

You certainly are keeping us on our toes. This last month has been a lot of fun spending time with family and friends. You got into your first food fight with Nick, took your first tractor ride, visited the Crayola factory and played on your first blowup ball pit at Kids N Motion. We can pretty much sum up the month in three categories… The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good
– When you say phrases like, “oh me gosh”.
– When you call someone out when they fart.
– That you know the names of Chiefs truck, Bam’s Yukon (pronounced usecon), and Ah Ah’s volkswagen.
– Your  adorable pronunciation of penguins (coo-gwens).
– Starting to clean up your toys.
– Always wanting to help “fix-it” and get the mail.
– When you remind us every time we walk through the front door that mommy, “broke the ding-dong”.
– When you want to cuddle or hug your sissy.
– Watching you experience Kids N Motion for the first time.

The Bad
– When you want to watch a movie but won’t tell us which one.
– The rare days when you refuse to nap.
– Your obsession with Nemo.

The Ugly
– Tantrums, enough said.
– The spitting… It’s so gross.
– Closing your eyes when you don’t want to do what we are asking. Your not an ostrich.
– The kicking

Even through the bad and ugly you still make us laugh more than cry each day (aside from the rare occasion). My favorite part of the day is when you ask to cuddle. Iv’e been trying to say “yes” more than “in a minute” because I know these requests will not last forever. I’m in denial that you are closer to three then two. Here are just a few of my favorite moments of the month.

P month 31

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