Valentine Sweet Notes by Lovable Labels

I guess it’s cliche when I say I love Valentine’s Day but I don’t care! I know people should express their love for one another daily but lets face it, life gets in the way sometimes. I always like to do fun little things for the people on Valentine’s Day to remind them how much they are loved. With two little ones at home I don’t know how practical that will be this year. Luckily, Lovable Labels has created some adorable Valentine Sweet Notes that are the perfect way to let someone know they are loved. I can’t wait for Parker to give these to his daycare teachers!


Valentine Sweet Note packs include 8 double sided cards printed on heavy card stock and available in 6 different designs for only $5.00. Valentine Sweet Notes are available for purchase until February 13, 2015.

Untitled-1While you are browsing the Valentine Sweet Notes don’t forget to check out some of our favorite products including their KID Bands! and Daycare Packs!

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