Caity At Five Months

Month 5 with watermark

This Time Around
On a positive note I think the colic is finally subsiding. Unfortunately, in trying to survive through we have picked up some bad habits that I have no idea how to break. All she wants to do is be held and nurse at night. Even during the day she will only sleep 30-45 minutes in her R&P or crib and will not sleep at all in the afternoon unless she is on me. If I put her to sleep in her R&P around 10 at night she will usually stay asleep until about 3 but then she has to be in bed the rest of the night nursing.

Every time I find myself getting too anxious and searching possible sleep training methods I talk myself down and convince myself to just give it a little more time. I took a look back at Parker’s transition from the R&P to his crib. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget all of the little details. With Parker is was a slow 8 months transition that resulted in minimum tears and an amazing sleeper.


Everything is still going really well. We have now surpassed the amount of time I nursed Parker. We have gotten pretty efficient at home, during the night, and while we are out and about. My next goal is to learn how to nurse with our carriers. I have tried it myself and can’t seem to figure out the mechanics. Luckily, a women approached me while in Jo Ann Fabrics while I was nursing and one day and told me about a local baby wearing group. I can’t wait to attend so they can help me out and I can meet some local baby wearing mommas.

On a whim I decided to give Caity a few ounces that were in the fridge one night. It wasn’t when she was hangry (hungry + angry) and she took it with no problems. I am hoping to start pumping a little here and there come March so that I have a stash set aside for when I attend BlogHer in July. By then she will be about 10 months and will be on solids. I don’t have the motivation to seriously pump and don’t want to worry about over supply so I have to figure out a schedule that works.

After reading a little more between Parker and Caity’s births Rob and I decided we were going to wait and introduce solids around 6 months. Even though the pediatrician gave the go ahead she is still not sitting up unassisted and is thriving. Although she seems every interested in what we are eating, we think this is the best decision.


Milestones & Memories
Caity has found her toes and even given them a little lick! In fact, anytime she is on her back her feet are in the air and she is grabbing for them. She loves playing with her feet so I bring our space heater into her room while Parker is at daycare and crank it up so she can play without a sleeper on.

She is also starting to use her head and legs to turn herself over. She isn’t quite there yet but I imagine it will happen before her next update. She can also sit pretty well as long as she is supported which I also think will happen sometime in the next month.

She knows what she wants and if it’s close she will grab for it. Usually it’s your finger that she manages to sneak into your mouth. Other times it’s one of her soft toys that also ends up right in her mouth!

Rob took Parker to my parents house at the beginning of the month during his drill weekend. It was a nice weekend with just Caity and I. We had a lot of play time and even hosted a Moms Night In with my local moms group. She sure enjoyed the quiet and one on one attention.

She took her first dip in the pool over Valentines weekend on a mini family vacation to Lancaster, PA.


Letter to Caity
I love being your momma. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at you whether asleep or awake. After 5 months I don’t remember what it’s like to run on 8 hours of sleep so I don’t mind waking in the night for our nursing sessions. I love how you watch your brother and smile when he does something silly. You certainly are going to be my baby wearing baby and love when you can look around when we are out and about.


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