Five Minute Fridays: Keep

Browsing Facebook tonight I came across a Pin, How to Post More Frequently on Your Blog. I decided to give it a read and came across a link up called Five Minute Fridays hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Each week she provides a word and challenges you to spend no more than 5 minutes writing. When I saw the word for this week, keep, I knew this link up was for me.

Keep FINAL 2

Iv’e been struggling a lot lately with wanting to rush through Caity’s infancy and at the same time slowing it down. I had forgotten how much independence I had gained with Parker over the last few years. Having an infant, a colicy one at that, again has been quite a wake up call. While I find myself wishing for independence, I take one look at this beautiful, peaceful, innocent face and I am reminded of a poem that was circulating Facebook awhile ago.

Babies Don't Keep copy

My independence can wait, I wish more to keep her like this forever. To keep her safe and only know happiness, joy, comfort, and love.

Five Minute Friday

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One thought on “Five Minute Fridays: Keep

  1. My youngest is nine months old, so I totally understand that tension between independence and the joys of being a mother. In the middle of all of that, it’s still the best job I’ve ever had! Have a great weekend!

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