Life With Two: 32 Months & 5 Months


Multitasking Momma
Things are up an down depending on the day right now since Caity still isn’t on a set schedule.

Parker has been sleeping in until 7:45-8 and she still likes to sleep late so we tend to sleep, or cuddle and watch Disney until 8:30. Then I change diapers, throw some clothes on and head downstairs for breakfast around 9. Caity watches Parker eat breakfast and then he plays while she watches me clean up the kitchen.

Her morning nap is an hour at best in the P&P around 10. If we are going out after naptime I let him watch a movie in the morning, if not we do that in the afternoon and he plays in the morning. Caity joins after her nap until I make lunch around 12. After lunch we all head upstairs for nap. I put Parker down and nurse Caity. If I have a lot of work to do I do it in my craft room. If not we cuddle in her room and watch Netflix.

After nap, around 3,  we have a snack and watch a movie, run errands, or play. Caity nurses again and usually takes a short catnap.

Dinner is usually between 4:30 – 5:30. Rob and I clean up while Parker plays . Then we head upstairs for baths, stories, and bed time. I nurse Caity while Rob puts Parker down. Then Rob and I head up to the art room. He works on papers and readings for school while I work on blog posts or design work.

Her colic is pretty much gone now so we try to rotate her between the playmat, bouncer and our laps to keep her occupied until I take her down for our bedtime routine around 9:30. Lately I can nurse her and put her in the R&P until about 1-2AM. Then she wakes 1-2 more times depending on the night. Once the kids and I return from our trip I plan to start getting more consistent with her sleep time and routine. We will also be getting rid of the R&P to help with the transition to the P&P.

Exciting news is that Rob bought a commuter car last week so the kids and I will be able to start going to the gym in the morning a few days a week. We can also run errands or go to the park once the weather gets better.

Iv’e been able to keep up with my household responsibilities and keep up with my monthly blog posts (their monthly updates etc…). I do have tons of other post ideas I would love to do and start updating and improving my Etsy shop. I just have to keep telling myself one step at a time.


Brother & Sister Love
One of Parker’s favorite things to do is cuddle with Caity. Whenever I have her on the bed, couch, or floor and goes over and lays next to her. He tries to be careful and for the most part he is very gentle with her. Now that she is a little bigger I can grab a camera to snap a photo instead of protecting her. His favorite thing to do and bouncer her while she is in the bouncer. Every time I think it’s too much, she just starts laughing. I think she is gonna be one tough cookie.

She may not be able to say it, but I can tell she loves him. She watches him like a hawk when he is around and smiles anytime he does something funny or even makes a loud noise. One night while we were all on Parker’s couch reading a story she took a head dive right into his lap which is what she usually does with Rob and I when she wants one of us to hold her. It was so obvious she wanted him to hold her. My heart seriously melted.


Parker VS Caity

5 Months Side By Side

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