Organizing 101: Batteries

Sometimes when I am working on the editorial calendar for Cherry Blossom Love I get caught up in the big picture projects focusing on complete room reveals and 20+ step tutorials. The smaller organizational solutions that keep me sane in our day to day lives, although very important, are forgotten. Over the last few years I have come across some pretty amazing products or hacks that make it a little easier to get through the day that I knew I needed to share with you all.

Batteries - Featured Image


Today I want to talk a little bit about batteries. The are a daily necessity in our lives so I like to keep them accessible but can be dangerous in the hands of little ones, especially watch batteries. Rob and I decided they would be best kept in the dinning room in a drawer of our hutch. We almost never allow Parker to roam in their unless it is meal time and it’s a central location for easy access.


I had seen some hacks around Pinterest of using boxes like these and while I love a good hack, I love finding something perfect for my needs that already exists. We ended up choosing the Range Kleen Battery Organizer for under $20.  The design is compact so it fits small drawers but can still organize 25 AAA, 39AA, 6D,8C, and 49 Volt batteries. There is also a removable battery tester for when you come across those strays and are unsure if they are packing any power!


What I Love About This Solution:
No assembly or hacking required! For under $20 you can purchase the perfect solution for getting your batteries organized leaving more time to photograph your little kicking away on that piano play mat. Not to mention is makes it super easy to identify which ones are low.

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